Jealousy is a strong motivating factor. If it leads to good grades and doing your best, that’s fine. Just don’t let it consume you to the point of taking it out on others!


Kariu and Hishiro’s wonderfully awkward interactions were the focus of this episode. The ease that hatred and depression builds within someone as things continue to not go there way isn’t surprising at all. Hishiro isn’t really helping the cause either, but it’s not exactly her fault. The big thing that really needed to happen was Arata just explaining properly the situation with Hishiro to Kariu. He tried a little bit after her evil-looking smirk, but he didn’t really carry through quite well enough. Perhaps we’ll have to put our faith in An – she seems to have things worked out!

Arata is really doing his best to help the people around him, even if he didn’t quite realize it. Yoake calling it all in to question was amazing, because he’s essentially the one pushing Arata to even do all of this! Talk about a devil’s advocate. I’m already convinced though that Arata is a straight up good guy, and that the good things he does are just going to build and build until everyone has to forget him. It’s going to be such a downer. How is that supposed to fix his already problematic life!?

That ending hit the dramatic misunderstanding hard.  Now this is what high school is all about! Arata was clutching Kariu at the bottom of the stairs as Hishiro sees them together, with her missing bag no less. Although the awkward embrace on the hallway floor might be easy to explain, the stolen bag is not. Fortunately, I think Kariu and Hishiro will end up good friends in the end, once Kariu figures out the quirks of the girl she’s dealing with. Plus, Hishiro really doesn’t want the time with Oga to herself.

Episode Score
8.0/10 (Very Good)

The music is a very Vince Guaraldi style Peanuts jazz piano.

ReLIFE - ED Cast
Hey, those two random guys were in this episode!

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