Summer 2016 Weekly Reactions 03

Have all the shows you’ve hoped to be great passed that three episode test? Have you already finished ReLife? We’re pretty happy here at Clouded with how the season is going.

As per usual, be sure to click on the episode titles to read the full review and check out all the screenshots!

July 17, 2016

Dragon Ball Super 52 “Reunion of Master and Student. Son Gohan and Future Trunks!” –  Future Trunks continues to acclimate to the peaceful life of the world he never had growing up. It’s very well handled, and his interactions with his once bad-ass master Gohan are the exact kind of comedy this show should aim for. Not that it should constantly aim for comedy. The interspersed flash-backs/forwards/sideways continue to give great insight in to Trunks’ life, and are quite useful if you haven’t seen that one movie. As for Young Trunks and the rest of the cast, I’m loving his attempts to woo Mai, and that Piccolo and Krillin have resigned to being pretty much useless. Next week (July 31) we’re off to the 10th universe to find out more about Black’s strange powers.
Episode Scores: 8.1/10 Cloudy, 7.5/10 J-san (Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 052 - Pan Defeats Trunks
Can’t wait for Pan to kick some- Oh there it is!

Re: Zero 16 “The Greed of a Pig” – Well Subaru is definitely pretty greedy. He gets rightfully shut-down by everyone he hopes can help him out, because he is so obviously in it for number one only. Sure, he wants to save the villagers and Emilia, but for his hero complex first and foremost. Truly an insufferable character as of late. Fortunately, the rest of the world around him continues to be wonderfully intriguing – although none of the cliff-hanger questions from that exceptional Ep15 were properly answered. Now there are even more questions! We heard about the giant whale from Rem before, so that’s not much of a surprise. Be sure to read the full review on this one, as it goes in to how an annoying lead can be a good thing for a series – a true feat of storytelling.
Episode Score: 8.0/10 (Very Good)

Re Zero - 16 - Priscilla Persuasion
Really, what did you expect from him?

July 19, 2016

Mob Psycho 100 – 02 “Doubts About Youth ~The Telepathy Club Arrives~” – The second installment of Mob Psycho 100 is another visual extravaganza, as is expected. The character interactions are fun, and Mob is definitely a well-played deadpan main character. He might be a little dumb, if he actually believes in Reigen and his ‘powers’, but his emotional state percentage gives a good insight in to how he actually feels. And middle school is tough, ya know? Everything about that bait and switch at the end was masterfully executed, and by far the funniest moment of the week. Who knows, with the body improvement club, perhaps Mob will be more like One-Punch Man‘s Saitama in no time!
Episode Score: 8.8/10 (Very Good)

Mob Psycho 100 - 02 - One Punch
You can’t one-punch this kid.

July 22, 2016

91 Days 03 “Where the Footfalls Lead” –  The Godfather-ness continues quite obviously in this episode, which is still definitely not a bad thing. Avilio may luck in to or out of several situations, but most of them seem pretty standard fair for a prohibition-era mafia drama. The Dons of every family don’t seem to have things under very good control though. The Vanetti are being pressured to kill off their own son and heir, which I find absolutely ridiculous. At the same time, the Orcos don’t seem to care how crazy or disrespectful Fango is to any of their members. What kind of power must he have over them? The big take-away is that Avilio is set-up with the perfect opportunity to take out another of his big targets without much effort – which may also not be the best course of action if he wants to stay in good favor with the primary target, the Don. Cool action overall, when it happens.
Episode Score: 7.7/10 (Good)

91 Days - 03 - Gun at a Knife Fight
He brought a knife to a gun fight.


More ReLife coming soon!

The Great Naruto Shipudden Binge! – The full post for season 12 is coming soon. I’m really enjoying all the reanimation stuff, no matter how over-powered it definitely is – and the complexity between Tobi and Kabuto is very much welcome. Now when will golden Naruto get back in to the action?


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