91 Days 03

A few dead bodies is all it takes to throw off the tense peace of the mafia world.

“Where the Footfalls Lead”

With Serpente’s body missing from the scene of the crime, and calling Avilio’s account in to question, the families look destined to duke it out. It wouldn’t be much of a series without the inevitable gang war, but it’s the tension and small actions that can really drive the majority of the plot. We look to be set on that path for a little bit longer, which is definitely a positive, as the Gallasia’s try to keep some kind of peace. Now where does our vengeful hero fit in to all of this?

Well, Avilio merely fell victim to the unforeseen consequences of his actions, but it seems to have all worked out in his favor. It actually makes pretty good sense that a somewhat corrupt FBI officer (more like ATF I guess) would want to use a body to blackmail or extort one of the families. Money is a powerful thing, and in this case it was the safest option to just buy the evidence. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the Dons of any of the families have much of a tight leash on their, uh, family members. Nero is running around on his own, while Don Orco just lets Fango do whatever he wants. There must be some higher power behind Fango as well, or you would think the Don of a family would have a hard time letting a guy like that live. Considering Fango’s botching now of several situations, especially that ‘hostage exchange’, how is he so invincible?

Nero’s younger brother Flatte, strange name aside, seems like the actual budding leader of the family. He was kind of annoying and immature the first couple episodes, but he really took a step forward this time around. His suggestions to buy the evidence and have his brother skip town for a while seem very much correct, but that brings us to a weird plot point. Why is the Vanetti family considering killing off one of their kids? No Don would ever agree to killing their own son, and even in The Godfather, Michael just gets exiled to Sicily. Being that high up in the chain offers you some kind of leeway in this kind of sociopolitical situation that even another family respects. That is unless they just assassinate you unofficially.

Meanwhile, Avilio gets to go on a private holiday with one of his prime targets. Although extremely convenient, it’s quite likely a very bad idea to just off Nero so soon after killing Clemente. If you’re a new guy in the club and 0-2 on ‘keeping important people safe’, you’re probably screwed. We also didn’t get any more information on the dealings behind Avilio’s actions, or who might be helping him. The show itself is holding up quite well though, with its Godfather inspired pacing and cliches mixing quite well with anime tropes.

Episode Score
7.7/10 (Good)

91 Days - 03 - Gun at a Knife Fight.gif
He brought a knife to a gun fight.

Extra thoughts:
– The official translations seem mixed on Gallasia or Graccia. One of those makes a lot more sense.
– The new brother-in-law seems to be running the show.
– Like any good Italian restaurant, you need the only important landmark from Italy
– You might want to hear the hostage speak, first.
– Somebody, and by that everybody, working on this frame missed something.
– Avilio seems to notice that revenge only causes more pain.


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