Mob Psycho 100 – 02

OK, Mob might really be an idiot. It’s kind of hard to tell at this point. At least he’s working towards what makes him happy! That’s what middle-school is for, right? Living each day to the fullest.

“Doubts About Youth ~The Telepathy Club Arrives~”

Reigen’s business is my goal in life. Not the whole massage part, as that’s a little weird and very sketchy, but the fact that he does what he wants and gets paid good money for it. Sure it’s shady, but aren’t all good businesses? Still not quite sure if Mob is on to Reigen or not after that episode, as it’s hard to tell if he wants to learn from Reigen directly or the fact that he searches out spirits to exorcise works in his favor. Either way, it’s stressing him out a little bit at a time.

The telepathy club is perfect for Mob. They have at least a tangential interest in his capabilities, he can make new friends, there’s even a girl, and he can fulfill the middle-school quota of lazing around! They are kind of a rag-tag group though. Everybody thinks they’re creepy, because they really are, but there have been weirder clubs. What does Mob have to lose either, as he spends a few minutes there socializing and wowing them with his powers before ditching and heading to his part-time job. Wait, he only gets paid 300 yen ($2.80 USD) per hour!?  Screw Reigen and such – go play video games and socialize!

The infiltration of the all-girls school went exactly as expected. You’d think that if Reigen had any sense he would just send Mob. Although really, if he had any sense, it’s just a bad job to take on without permission in any form. Fortunately Mob passes as a high-school girl and gets forced in to all sorts of stressful situations. I’m actually surprised his meter didn’t shoot up even more than it did with all of the soul-crushing he received this week. Well, at least he has the entire girl’s basketball team in love with him- er, her.

And so we come to Mob’s decision on whether to join the telepathy club or not, in what has to be the greatest bait and switch concocted in years. The body improvement club. I couldn’t believe it. This show was going so cliche in the life of a powered middle-school kid, and the entire concept is ripped from under our feet. There’s no conformity here! Just look at the legacy that is One-Punch Man. How did I not see this coming!? Absolute perfection on the set-up and delivery. I can’t wait to see Mob turn in to Saitama.

Episode Score
8.8/10 (Very Good)

Mob Psycho 100 - 02 - One Punch.gif
You’ll need more than one punch to defeat Mob

Extra thoughts:
– The OP for this series is seriously OP.
– If the vice-president is Tokugawa, who’s the leader!?
– Where did he get the school shoes? He doesn’t have a locker there!
– Always go with the cheapest first!
– Damn his crush is cold.
– And suddenly, they’re all in to yuri.
– Tips for body improvement:
100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10km run. Every day (don’t really).

Next time: “An Invite to a Meeting ~Simply Put, I Just Want to be Popular~”


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