Re:Zero 16

Subaru needs to slow down and figure out an actual plan of action. Just begging every person in power around you isn’t going to build much confidence in your cause.

“The Greed of a Pig”

Subaru managed to get completely owned by every  major woman in this series this episode (minus Emilia if she’s still a main character), and it’s damn good that he did. These people are in the running to rule a country, how on [insert whatever planet this is] could he expect to negotiate so poorly with them? They’re pros, and he’s just trying to get what he wants and only what he wants. It really furthered the nearly irredeemable qualities that Subaru has been showing these past few weeks. How anybody could still be cheering for him to succeed is a mystery. If anything, we want to see the world succeed in spite of him!

Although Priscilla and Crusch were pretty hard-line against helping our failing hero due to his – uh – failings, Anastasia took a bit of a different approach. It was nice to see some development for her, with that wonderful Kansai accent. Her wonderfully open and obvious manipulation is the kind of thing only the person being targeted can’t pick up on, but you could probably tell right away while watching it. Sure, Subaru still got something out of it, so I’m not sure why he’s even so mad at her. The whole thing was a little strange in that he would have been fine telling her all he knows in exchange for help – he offered much more to the others.

So he set off again towards the Mather’s mansion with no plan! His head was literally chopped off by a giant magical spirit animal the last time! Sure, it’s a little earlier this time, but it’s not like he has much sway with Emilia at this point. If anything, his best bet would be to have Rem give the warning and him not even show his face. Subaru could be commended for trying his best towards a good cause, but you can’t use that as an excuse to do it in the worst ways possible.

I find it interesting that Subaru has it in for the witch’s cult – sure they did a lot of bad things – but why did he not mention the giant magic dog that sounded like the witch. He could warn them about the impending attack just fine, but that last moment of his life from last episode probably carries way more significance! Just ask, “hey so are there any giant magical dogs in this world?” Someone might have a bit of insight. It’s cliff-hanging us over multiple episodes now!

Although not much happened or was accomplished this week, the last few moments definitely matter. Subaru is having a really hard time with giant magical beings in this world, and if this one kills him, he better start to question their importance. This definitely didn’t seem like the silky-voiced mother-wolf-witch we saw last week. It far more resembled a dragon, from the little we got. It must be magical in some way, as it seemed to erase Otto’s memory of the bandanna wagon guy. Perhaps Subaru was immune, and a target, due to his witch-powers? This continues the trend of the overall plot being more interesting than the characters that are supposed to drive it. The world is extremely well built and teasing us as to its important details little by little. But the answers will have to wait until next week. For now, enjoy the new ED art.

Episode Score
8.0/10 (Very Good)

Re Zero - 16 - Priscilla Persuasion
Don’t fall for- oh, OK just go for it then.

Extra thoughts:
– That was a whole episode without answering anything!
– “I hope you become a dictator that abandons the weak.” Oh snap.
– She almost pulledBasic Instinct.
– Where exactly did she pull that fan from?
– That little thing is in charge of… anything? The nation is doomed.
– How did Subaru not realize that whole restaurant was a set-up?
– The power of money.
– Subaru has been having trouble with giant beasts lately.
– This show is lacking in Beatrice screen time.


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