Dragon Ball Super 52

Trunks tries to understand the peaceful world around him, with a little help from his old mentor. Don’t worry, the great Saiya-man is here to help!

“Reunion of Master and Student. Son Gohan and Future Trunks!”

The turnaround in the Pilaf gang is one of the best defining factors as to why this show is succeeding as much as it is of late – it’s using the large ensemble cast of characters pretty effectively. Sure, Piccolo and Krillin are out filling holes (in the ground) and a little unhappy with their place in the story, but for the most part everyone is playing a part. The Pilaf gang might be kind of secretly trying to still take over the world, but they’ve got a good thing going at Capsule Corporation. Mai is also rather smitten with Future Trunks and her possible role in the future. All of the interactions between her and both iterations of Trunks are just fantastic. Is it enough though to make her leave behind the team-mates she’s had for decades of evil-doing? Probably.

Looks like the time machine is coming along nicely, with help from the freeloaders. I think Dr. Briefs has had more lines in the past few episodes than all of the rest of Dragon Ball combined. The time frame for completion is also really moving along, with Bulma claiming to be able to make enough fuel in just one day! The fact that this tied in to her kind of one-off experiment we saw with a somewhat rattled Monaka (remember nipples?) is a well placed bit of development. Wait, what’s going on with Monaka? Actually, I think we’ll be just fine not knowing for a while.

So here comes the Gohan conversation. We’ve made reference to this before, but Gohan just isn’t the powerhouse he used to be. But you know what? It’s kind of working. Trunks essentially played the audience in his interactions with Gohan and Videl/Pan, with his disbelief in what he was watching unfold in front of him. Yet it was also quite heartwarming that Trunks congratulated him for fulfilling his dream – a dream that crosses timelines, as it was Future Gohan who wanted to settle down and become a scholar. He’s living a good life as it is, and it looks like Pan will have a bright future as a super-powered heroine. Perhaps a bit of a time jump in a future arc, or would that remind people too much of GT? Either way, the flash-backs/forwards to the buff and bad-ass Future Gohan were super effective, and the first time we’ve experienced a rage-induced super saiyan transformation in a long time! They should make a movie about that.

Future Trunks is really taking in a lot this episode. From the shenanigans with a rather powerful Pan, to dealing with young Mai and his still living mother, he’s got a lot going on in his head. The constant PTSD of his timeline is there to haunt him though and it remains his primary goal to finish what he’s started, but now he has even more to fight for. To actually experience what could have been is a massive inspiration to keep fighting, if only to try and get back a little of what was lost.

The last few minutes of this episode were probably the most vital to the arc as a whole. Beerus, Whis, and Goku are off to Universe 10 for more information! Kind of mean of them to leave without Trunks, the person this has affected most of all, but the gods don’t wait around for just anybody. So we now know that this green fellow is not actually Black, but could provide some insight in to his powers. Those scenes from next week make it look like a lot is going down, and a lot of information is coming our way – plus some good old fashion tests of fighting skills! Wait… Gohan didn’t even ask why Trunks was back in the past!

Episode Score
8.1/10 (Very Good) Cloudy
7.5/10 (Good) J-san

Dragon Ball Super - 052 - Trunks Goes SSJ
Now that’s how you become a super saiyan.

Extra thoughts:
– Bulma is more of a slave-driver than Pilaf.
– Don’t play with sharp objects, kids.
Young Future Trunks. Time is a confusing thing.
– Not something you see every day coming out of school.
– Pan is destined for great things.
– The happy future was so sad.

Dragon Ball Super - 052 - Pan Defeats Trunks
And that’s how you defeat a super saiyan.

Next time: “Expose Black’s True Identity! To The Kaioshin Realm of Universe 10!”


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