Summer 2016 Weekly Reactions 02 (Jul 10-16)

Fireworks and explosive celebrations are behind us now – it’s time to move on to the explosive summer anime season! Get ready for some 1920’s gunning and psychotropic psychic psy-adventures.

A pretty good week overall (a lot of 7.9’s for some reason). The premiere of Mob Psycho 100 obviously blew us away with its spectacular visuals, and is shaping up to be a great series. As per usual, be sure to click on the episode titles to read the full review and check out all the screenshots!

July 10, 2016

Dragon Ball Super 51 “The Feelings That Surpass Time, Trunks and Mai” – To my surprise, the Future Trunks and Young Mai meetup was handled quite well. It wasn’t even creepy! He could have possibly been a little more delicate with the “you all die” bit, but it’s not even the same timeline really. As for Goku Black, who is clearly not really Goku, we get a little more info. It’s a body he’s chose, and now it has the fighting ability meant for it. Still not quite sure if he has super-saiyan abilities though, because otherwise he’s screwed. Beerus and Whis continue to be great side characters in this arc, with a little extra knowledge about the workings of the universe and a potential understanding of what’s to come. They don’t want to get too involved though, unless it really bothers them.
Episode Score: 7.9/10 Cloudy, 6.7/10 J-san (Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 051 - Goku Meets Black
The right skill set for the job.

Re:Zero 15 “The Outside of Madness” – Well this episode certainly turned a lot of things around for me. Subaru was becoming such a horribly great example of an annoying entitled main character, and somehow it’s been mostly brought to justice. He got everything he deserved and more for his ignorance and arrogance, maybe even too much for our eyes. It was tough stuff to watch, but you just can’t look away. Especially that villain, which is great to have one finally, who is just so fantastically over-the-top! Not exactly the picture of sloth you would expect. As for the fates of our heroes, well, you know Subaru can just reset, so it has to be the journey that counts for something. He’s seen a lot of strange, crazy, disturbing things, and is angry. Hopefully he takes that anger and channels it towards his brain, because he needs help to conquer this enemy. Don’t try going it alone again, or the same crazy outcome is there waiting for you!
Episode Score: 9.2/10 (Great)

Re Zero - 15 - Rem Reactions
Talk about reaction time.

July 12, 2016

Mob Psycho 100 – 01 “Self-Proclaimed Psychic: Reigen Arataka, ~and Mob~” First Impressions – Well this is set up to be the visual spectacular of the season, thanks once again to studio Bones. It’s One-Punch Man with ghosts. The characters hold together pretty well, and the Reigen and Mob duo work quite well together. You just know Mob is on to his ‘master’ when it comes to authenticity, but it gets him work. We’ve seen the dead-pan overpowered hero work in the past, and it looks set to work here too. If anything, it’ll at least be a weekly visual eye-gasm of color and flying objects.
Episode Score: 9.1/10 (Great)

Mob Psycho 100 - 01 - Mob Works
Just another day of after-school work.

July 15, 2016

ReLIFE 03 “You’re Old Now” – I try not to put myself in any situation that requires asking the last time I exercised – this is an anime blog, what do you expect of me? Anyway, this show is really thriving on its comedic end. The jokes, although sometimes predictable, land very well. Even when you see it coming a mile away, there’s a feeling of understanding so deep that you just can’t help but laugh anyway. The dramatic side to this series is a little stranger. What is up with the reLIFE program, and how creepy is it going to get? Arata is making some real impressions on these people’s lives, and it’s pretty much all going to be gone when it’s done. If handled properly, this could be a fantastic dramatic turn to a pretty comical show. Until then, I’ll be laughing away at the circumstances.
Episode Score: 7.9/10 (Good)

ReLIFE - 03 - Running Goals
You overthought it, Arata.

July 16, 2016

91 Days 02 “Phantom of Falsehood” – The checklist of Godfather idioms is almost complete on this show, and it’s actually moving on to some exciting new ground. This genre wouldn’t survive a week-to-week series without some good old plot twists, and this episode came up with several. It’ll be interesting to find out who’s pulling Avilio’s strings, but first he has to screw up all the free passes he’s been given. This show is also shaping up to be the bloody mess that we all expected. Some characters have thicker plot armor than others though – let’s just see how that can be circumvented to possible great effect.
Episode Score: 7.9/10 (Good)

91 Days - 02 - Tools of the Trade
The tools of the trade.


No extras this week! See ya next time.


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