91 Days 02

The checklist of mafia-related plot points continues, but there’s something truly good hidden among all of these stereotypes.

“Phantom of Falsehood”

Just couldn’t go two episodes without the don’s daughter getting married. It’s not point for point the same as The Godfather, but it hits pretty close. The scene opens on a band playing traditional music as the don sticks up in his office during the festivities, but at least there’s no offer you can’t refuse. Well, kind of. The whole scene plays pretty well though, with our wayward alcohol salesmen finding their place in the festivities and the family politics.

And family politics is what it’s all about. The marriage seems to be one of love and convenience, conveniently enough. Enter the Gallasia family, the heads of Chicago crime. That’s a pretty big scene if the town called Lawless really is just a backwater burgh – but you can’t stop the little guys from duking it out. Also there wouldn’t be much of a show if everyone just got along and made peace.

So the troublemaker has to die. Fango is an instigator in a tense world, and clearly knows that he’s a target. His plot armor seems pretty thick at this point, considering there’s nobody else to really go on so far as a primary antagonist – other than those Avilio wants revenge upon. His fetish aside, Fango is a truly ridiculous character. He’s the kind of guy who lasts five minutes in crime life, because you just can’t be that obvious.

The end of this episode featured a rather sudden departure of someone that was building to be a main character of sorts, and it was well executed (quite literally). Angelo/Avilio seems a little foolish in his prospects though. Clemente was likely the best avenue to the bigger fish in his revenge plot, and the sudden death could cause a bit of a suspect of character. Of course exactly this happens, but what I don’t understand is where the body went? The scene led us to believe it was a true execution, so I’m assuming that someone else had to be present and witnessed the event. If so, that’s a pretty damn quick end to this whole plot. The alternative is that they’re screwing with him, as a test.

EDIT: That was Clemente’s body still there, with Serpente missing.

The question we’re left with is, who is aiding Avilio? It’s just too convenient that you get a letter in the mail with a list of names you should want dead. Somebody’s pulling your strings in that case. I’m also wondering how old some of these characters are, and what their exact role was in the death of Avilio’s family. Nero and Vanno Clemente don’t seem that far on in years, making them possibly pretty young, or Avilio still really young. They could have been those masked background characters during the flashback. Either way, I would suggest Avilio to stick to the primary goal, Don Vinetti – something he’s really steered away from this episode.

Episode Score
7.9/10 (Good)

91 Days - 02 - Tools of the Trade

Extra thoughts:
– For those that don’t know of the 1925 Phantom.
– On this, the day of my daughter’s wedding.
– One slice of cake, one bite.
– Never go full Light Yagami.
– Definitely saw this coming.
– Nobody can ever hit anything when they really need to.
– Well, didn’t see that coming.
– And what’s this, a double twist!?

91 Days - 02 - Totally Expected


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