Physically and mentally, it would be hard to go back to high school.

“You’re Old Now”

It can be such a great feeling when you know a joke is coming. You can feel it from a mile a way, and you know exactly why it will be funny. It doesn’t sound all that great, predictability and all, but there’s a certain satisfaction to being in on the writer’s joke before it happens. The scene with Hishiro ‘smiling’ at Kariu was one of those moments, and I couldn’t help but bust a gut, so to speak.

“When did I last exercise?” A question I like to never ask myself. The exchanges about grades and physical performance (and the Mob Psycho level reaction) truly highlight Arata’s problems when it comes to fitting in as a high-school student. He might be able to tell what these kids are thinking a lot of the time, but it won’t help him pass! Not like he has to, probably. The program lasts a year and nobody will remember him – but it would really suck to have to do those tests every day for a year.

“We won’t stop love, but please, no crimes.” Well thanks for the heads up, Yoake, but what does that even mean?! Everybody in this class seems to have something going for someone else, even if they are Oga-levels of oblivious. The question is, why would you send a 27-year old back to high school for social realignment when you know the implications! Even the teachers are flirting hard.

Arata seems to be on a pretty successful path overall, as per Yoake’s notes. It still all seems a little messed-up though. He’s actively changing a girl’s life, and could have quite the impact on several others in his class and beyond. You know someone is falling pretty hard if they’re changing their ways, even if the reason seems benevolent. That folded Hideyo is the perfect example of someone going out of their way to please, and it totally worked. I’m actually hoping for a somewhat dramatic end to this series, because the ReLIFE program needs to get a life, and Arata should be able to keep these new bonds.

Episode Score
7.9/10 (Good)

We’re cheering for you, Hishiro. Do your best. As for you, Arata…

ReLIFE - 03 - Running Goals.gif
Always be sure to exercise – because you never know…

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