Smart Game Piano does Anime!

Ever wanted to learn that amazing piano theme from Parasyte/Kiseijuu? So have we. Let our friends over at Smart Game Piano show you how.

This music contributed a lot to the emotional weight felt at the end of certain episodes, like Shinichi’s rise to power at the climax of episode six. Although the OST version is a little over the top, both way too hot and a total dance track, you can fix that with a piano and skills of your own – or skills you’re about to pick up!

To learn the rest of the tune, and a lot of great video game music, be sure to check out! More anime music is likely on the way as well, due to a popular crossover between anime and game music fans. Check out this other super popular track you may have heard of below.

Parasyte is available to watch on Crunchyroll, and it’s one hell of a ride. If you have yet to see the popularly divisive Sword Art Online, it can also be found here on Crunchyroll.

Smart Game Piano.gif


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