Dragon Ball Super 51

Goku Black remains a tangled mystery, but we’re getting closer and closer each week to the inevitable truth. In the meantime, Trunks deals with the more emotional aspects of time travel.

“The Feelings That Surpass Time, Trunks and Mai”

The top of this episode dragged considerably, as the second time machine’s existence was explained to our heroes. It really wasn’t necessary, and felt like it was just padding out the episode before getting to the good stuff. The entire scene could have been cut down to just the short flashback of Trunks leaving the capsule with Bulma and that would be it! Either way, it’s still fun to see Beerus and Whis’ take on everything that’s happening – like the peanut gallery of the gods.

The new information on ‘Goku Black’ this week, who I am even more convinced now is not Goku in really much of any way, was the perfect kind of tease. The way he flashed images of Goku through his energy as he digested his fighting style was so stylistically perfect, and communicated that Black had been using a body without it’s proper technique up until now. His little speech in Trunks’ flashback about humanity characterizes him very much as a wayward god, with a rather extremist agenda. Leave the destroying to the gods of destruction, why don’t ya!

Trunks and Mai are a very smart pairing for this story-line. There’s a little moral ambiguity in seeing her in the past, but it’s handled very well. Sure, she’s enchanted by the cool older man, but he never pulls a Time Traveler’s Wife (that’s some creepy consequences of time travel). It’s all very innocent. That is, until he tells her that she dies. That really isn’t much of an issue, considering that they’re not in the same timeline and those events aren’t going to happen to this Mai – but it’s still a bit of a downer.

The resistance that Mai leads gives her a bit of a John Connor vibe, except they make even less sense when it comes to believing the possibility of their resistance. Goku Black is essentially invincible to human means of destruction, and their only hope is someone like him. It is good for there to be a distraction to help Trunks in his fights, but they’d pretty much be cannon fodder. Looking at the flashes to Goku Black back in the future now, I wonder how many are actually still alive, other than future Mai? He’s really done quite a number on that world.

Pilaf and his gang are still kind of evil! They just don’t know when to give it up, but the show is also working a great angle with Mai and her change of heart. She’ll be the good influence on them, now that she knows her capabilities. As for the comic relief, they’re still on it, but now there are so many relatively powerless characters that it can come from anywhere – looking at you Piccolo and Krillin. And to that degree, Beerus and Whis have really graduated from comic relief to real interesting players, as I mentioned earlier. They understand the world of gods better than anyone else around, and it will be interesting to see where, or if, they guide our heroes from this point onward.

Episode Scores
7.9/10 Cloudy (Good)
6.7/10 J-san (Fine)

Dragon Ball Super - 051 - Goku Meets Black.gif
Trouble is brewing.

Extra thoughts:
– J-san just really loves fighting.
– Still having a hard time with those background faces.
– Goku Black loves to monologue.
– Is Vegeta mad at future fake Goku for killing Bulma?
– You would be long dead at this distance.
– Never really been sure what ‘earth’ looks like in Dragon Ball.

Next time: “Master and Student Reunited, Son Gohan and ‘Future’ Trunks”


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