91 Days 01 – First Impressions

Prohibition is the era and bootlegging is the name of the game in 91 Days. Crime families can be a great set-up for a show, but we’ll have to assume that there will be a lot of Godfather territory covered here. (Violence Warning)

“Night of the Murder”

Something feels a little bit off about all of this. Maybe it’s the setting – a fictional city in prohibition America that looks decidedly European. Perhaps it’s the characters, who are rather obvious in their portrayals of Japanese tropes. Stereotypes abound. Though there’s something interesting about it all as well that I can’t quite place. The setup is a genuine revenge story, where a kid returns to town an adult, ready to make things right – and it seems that it really could work.

The main cast that we see assembled so far is full of anime standards. Avilio Bruno (Angelo) is the avenger in a nutshell. He embodies everything that you would expect, with a tormented disposition and the unreasonable skill level to perpetuate his cause. His long-time friend Corteo is the weak but smart sidekick. The current antagonist of note, Fango, who’s two-toned dyed hair puts him in a weird place in history, is the kind of psycho a mob family definitely would have no purpose in working with. In short, more trouble than he’s worth.

For all the oddities in this episode, there is a lot of well-placed authenticity. A lot of the background details are spot-on, and the atmosphere is definitely setting the proper tone. It’s got the Godfather pacing down well, and that can be very difficult for a TV show nowadays to get away with – particularly those production credits, which established so much with so little. I will say that having a Thompson sub-machine gun resting over your shoulder and firing it would be very unfortunate for you in several ways, but it also looks so damn cool. The same can be said about grabbing the front of the barrel of a gun that has just recently been firing on automatic – just make sure to bandage up that burnt hand.

The plot that’s being set-up here had good direction to it. Avilio is using his friend’s bootlegging to sell alcohol to the Vanetti family – the same family that his father was involved with, bringing us to the point we’re at now. Infiltration is one of my favorite plot points, as the subterfuge and morality can get quite interesting. Enemies can become good friends under the right circumstances, and yet be undermined by ideals or an unforgiving past. There’s a lot of promise here, and plenty of bloodshed expected down the road.

Episode Score
7.5/10 (Good)

91 Days - 01 - Nice Shootin.gif

Extra thoughts:
– This series picks up our blood-red color scheme from last season’s Mayoiga, which was decidedly inappropriate for how that show turned out.
– If there is a twist, it has to be that his brother is still alive.
– Brought to you by the dictionary of fun-to-say Italian names.
– Fango makes me think of movie tickets.
Nino Rota would be proud?
– That beard looks so fake.
– Oh, it was.


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