Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV 03

Less than a month after its second episode, Brotherhood is back for more! Check out the video here, followed by our review.

Episode Review

“Sword and Shield”

These looks in to the start of each character’s friendship with Noctis are being handled masterfully. This time it’s the burly shield of the king, Gladio (or Gladiolus). He seemed like the most friendly with our main hero through all of the game promotion, stepping in to help out and coordinating strikes more than the other characters – but it seems this has not always been the case. He was just a guy doing his job for what he believed to be a spoiled brat. Sometimes you just have to prove the world wrong.

Noctis might be a bit of a stereotype-ridden main character, but his character has really been growing. And by that, I mean he’s gone from a blank slate, quiet FF character who kind of gave off an air of Squall from FFVIII, to just being a normal guy. He’s still a prince though, and a lot of those tropes still apply. There’s nothing really all that bad about a neutral main character anyway – especially in a video game where you control them exclusively. The player can really feel like they’re watching a movie that they don’t quite enjoy if the main character is too out of sync with their ideals. Hopefully XV can balance the fine traits of project-ability and uniqueness with Noctis.

The story of this episode kind of boils down to “kids will be kids”, and to never believe them! I know that I would probably both follow a cat at my own peril, and chase a mysterious girl through a royal garden. It’s believable kid stuff, with a little more royal consequence. Noctis is also surprisingly good with people, coming back to the point from earlier that places a lot of expectation on him to be super angst-ridden. The Cloud/Squall shadow might be lifting a little, despite his looks.

I love that Gladio lives in a normal, if not super nice-looking, home. Everything about the kingdom feels so perfectly modern, as if you fused present day Japan and England, with a royal family that actually matters politically. It has to be the most convincing iteration of a modern royalty I’ve seen in any fiction so far, not that there have been very many. The bar keeps on raising for the story of this game to be well played-out, and with character backgrounds like this, it says good things about the writing staff for Final Fantasy XV.

Brotherhood FFXV - 03 - Brothers

Episode Score
9/10 (Great)

Extra thoughts:
– Representing that game-play off the top.
– Nothing bad better happen to Iris. She’s the osananajimi of this story now.
– How good is your eye at 1:26 in this video? Hmmm.
– Already breaking hearts early, Noct.
– The king’s name essentially means king.
– Other modern royalty in fiction: Code Geass, which was extremely overwrought.
– I really can’t think of any more.


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