Re:Zero 14

Subaru still thinks he can solve every problem – and that he is the only one able to save a ‘hopeless’ Emilia. Perhaps he should start listening to all the advice coming his way from the people of this world!

The New OP!

“The Sickness Called Despair”

This episode was probably even more painful to watch on the Subaru front than the last one. It didn’t even have any light-hearted Felt moments – just punishing ignorance and a wild main character complex. Other than the one ability of resurrection that Subaru has, when will he figure out that there’s pretty much nothing extraordinary about him? Knowing your limits at the appropriate time is not a character flaw. Why must he be the only one to save Emilia, and why does he think she’s hopeless? He actually said that about her.

Subaru has kind of been an ass to Emilia for a while now, treating her more as an NPC that needs quests fulfilled than as a person. He’s moved on in her absence quite well, now being pretty horrible to everyone that he knows. This world has somehow surrounded him with unbelievably kind and smart people – Rem & Ram, Emilia, Reinhard, Felis (Felix?), and now Crusch. He just systematically destroyed every relationship he has in this world over the girl that he doesn’t care enough to listen to.

Crusch was the most interesting character of this episode. Her military demeanor presented to us last week was stripped away slightly in favor of a calm and intelligent individual. She even took on a contract with one of her enemies to help heal Subaru, and he just throws it away despite the staggering consequences! And we can’t fault the other characters for not trying to stop him, as they really tried their best.

Rem. I feel so sorry for her. She seems head over heals (yep) for Subaru after everything he’s done for her and her sister – even if most of it was a product of dumb luck and a hidden ability he doesn’t even understand. She basically confessed to him twice in this episode. His love for the obvious female lead far overshadows any other possibility though, and Rem knows that all too well. Maybe he’ll understand a little better about his situation after that massacre he comes upon at the end of the episode – or perhaps it will just deepen his mindset that he is the only one that can save everyone.

The world-building in this series has taken a few steps forward recently. After being mainly just a snapshot of one part of the world and a few key characters, the royal selection has brought in a lot more of the bigger picture. The hatred for half-elves, despite how objectively cute they are, baffles Subaru. And of course there’s a hate group, but in this world hate groups have swords and magic! There’s still a lot about this world that we don’t understand yet, and that’s OK. Who is the witch, and what’s with the dragon? These are more interesting currently than Subaru’s depressing struggle to be the main character in his own fantasy game.

Episode Score
7.0/10 (Fine)

Re Zero - 14 - Rem Love
Ow, my heart.

Extra thoughts:
– Taking up fencing is definitely going to help.
– Rem, you’re far too good for him.
– She’s way too good at everything.
– I’ve got a Crusch on her.
– Never smile like this.
– Be more like Rem.
Poor Otto.
– Every hate group needs hoods.
– “Well that was odd, guess I’ll just keep going,” really dude!? That was more than weird.
– Probably time for another reset. Don’t be such a jerk next time!


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