A little light is shed on the process of the ReLIFE experiment. Seems like a pretty shadowy practice, doesn’t it?

“Communication Skills: Zero”

Despite the title of this episode, I would say that Arata’s communication skills are probably one of the few things he has going for him as an adult. He can read in to the situation between two people, talk his way out of a problem, and is pretty smooth with the ladies. Not that it means too much after what we’ve found out about the ReLIFE experiment this episode.

So everyone will forget about him at the end of the year. That seems like a bit of a bummer. Any friendships, or impacts he’s made on anyone’s life may kind of linger on, but they won’t know why. It seems entirely for him then. Even stranger is that whatever ReLIFE is has the ability to erase people’s memories!

Speaking of being smooth with the ladies, Arata already seems to have an admirer in Onoya An. They’re pretty similar, and they get along quite well. The scene of them judging the smart and show Showga, which is definitely what I’ll be calling him, was spot on. At least there are others with relationships beyond the main character – don’t want this turning in to a high-school harem for a 28-year old!

He handles this situation with Hishiro quite well, and almost blows his cover because of it. She happens to be the definition of smart that I have a hard time calling smart. A person who memorizes and recites with perfection has a certain skill, but critical thinking, world knowledge, and situational awareness are rather important skills not usually taught in high school. It’s the perfect set-up for Arata to do some good, and help a lonely girl. Their text conversation at the end was super cute too. Don’t get too attached though!

Episode Score
8.1/10 (Very Good)

I remember the days of no cell phones at school. Kids these days, amiright?

ReLIFE - 02 - Not So Fast.gif
Nobody pats this girl on the head so easily.

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