ReLIFE 01 – First Impressions

Here’s one of the new offerings this season. Although airing, it is also available streaming in its entirety right now! It’s a fun dramedy with an interesting concept, and a perfect choice for our new short format, Quick Thoughts.

“Kaizaki Arata (27), Unemployed”

The concept is definitely an interesting one, and unlike expected, doesn’t involve any actual time travel. The main character has just been aged back to 17 – an odd thing to have to hide from his parents, for sure. The show is pretty self-aware too, with Kaizaki Arata quite aware of how awkward his situation is. People in their 20’s who don’t belong in high school get arrested every so often for posing as a teenager, I can imagine his point of view.

I can relate almost all too well to the opening of this series – odd work, getting by, grad school. Wait, he’s been to grad school and thinks another year of high school is going to help his life along? The show seems to be pushing that a lot of his habits were less than helpful to his situation, which seems a little preachy, but in good spirit so far.

It doesn’t help much that his teacher is younger than him, and he’ll probably have the hots for her. How on earth would he explain that after the year’s up!? She seems to remind him of a past traumatic event that I’m sure we’ll hear more about over time. Even worse is that he’s surrounded by a bunch of cute high school girls! Not sure what the moral implications are here*.

It looks like there will be a good amount of drama, but the focus seems to be split well with some great comedy so far. Pretty sure the moral of the story is not to take weird pills from strangers.

Episode Score
8.2/10 (Very Good)

*Age of consent (13!? Wow), marriage laws, and obscenity laws in Japan can be a little confusing, varying by prefecture (up to 18, OK). The age of marriage is 16 for girls and 18 for boys, with parental consent, or 20 otherwise. All rather strange, but it leaves some room for the concept of this show to be a little less creepy, maybe?


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