Dragon Ball Super 50

Dragon Ball Super has come a long way in a year. From two movie recaps, through an alright tournament, the show has really come in to its own with its latest, high-stakes arc!

“Goku VS Black! The Road Towards The Sealed Future”

After nearly a year of waiting for something interesting to happen, this series is getting right down to business. Goku jumps right in to the fight with Black, in what I would say is not wasting any time, but Goku just loves to waste time. Vegeta points out rather matter-of-factually to Trunks that Goku never fights with his full power to start. It’s just an accepted trope of the genre that’s been built in to his character. Despite wanting him to go all-out, all the time, it truly is a better show for not doing so. It could even be thought of as strategy, from Goku of all people!

Beerus and Whis are really playing a great role in all of this. They don’t really care enough to intervene, but they do like to observe and chirp the home team for their wrong-doings. Beerus could just destroy them all, but I doubt that would solve the Goku Black situation. He has the ring of a Kaioshin (Supreme Kai), and the body of a Goku. That was an interesting slip, that he deliberately talked about the body ‘he’ is in as if it were not his own. He also didn’t have the ability to stay in the past for much time either, but enough to destroy the rather valuable time machine. The mystery deepens.

Bulma, for once, doesn’t seem so confident in her abilities. She is the one who builds the time machine eventually, so you would assume that with the notes and theories that it could be replicated much sooner. Fortunately she’s always a quick thinker, and reveals the time machine that Cell traveled back in! Now that’s some nostalgia.

The question is, why travel back to the future at all? That place is pretty much doomed, and the problem there is now pretty disconnected from the main timeline. Trunks seems to have other allies that are still alive, including one very special one that he doesn’t even know about – but does Black still pose a threat to the greater timeline? His time ring can’t change the past any way. Perhaps they find him threatening if he has a Kaioshin on his side, or something more sinister that might show up in the main timeline’s future.

Can’t finish this review without talking about the animation. What an insane improvement. The repeated action shots will always exist, and the occasional frames can be a little funny, but it’s way, way better than it ever has been. The actual fight between Goku and Black looked almost movie quality to J-san, and if that keeps up we’ll be in for quite the show. The plot thickens even further, with twists and far less cliches – so keep on trucking Dragon Ball Super, we’re loving it.

Dragon Ball Super - 050 - Goku vs Black.gif
Great camerawork.

Episode Scores:
8.2/10 Cloudy (Very Good)
7.8/10 J-san (Good)

Extra thoughts:
– Vegeta, always in his default state.
– One of my favorite shots of the episode.
– Aww, this place is no fun anymore.
– So Black has saiyan abilities, but also steals fighting ability.
– The Pilaf crew are the best.
– New ending! Great art.

Next Time: “The Feelings That Surpass Time! Trunks and Mai!!”


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