Flying Witch 12 – Final Impressions

This series has been a consistent relaxing and heartwarming end to a great week of anime this season. Let’s hope to see some more flying, and more magic in future seasons to come!

Episode Review

“A Witch’s Robe and Different Ways to Spend the Day”

This final episode really embodied the cute perfection of this series through and through. It opens to Chito sleeping in the sun as Makoto works away at her various herbology, and the music lulls us in to the mood that is sincerely Flying Witch. The whole first half of this episode has Makoto being her usual, lost self on the way to the fabric shop, and we get to see a lot of the other major players along the way. Akane is appropriately getting drunk, and Inukai is telling fortunes during a busy day in the park. It was good to see Nao one last time, as her interactions with Makoto are just fantastic – and fortunately Chito was there to keep Makoto on the right path.

A witch’s robe is a pretty big deal, at least in the spirit of things. It was probably pretty nostalgic for Makoto to try on her robe from junior high. I’m sure you’ve probably tried on some old clothes before just to see what it’s like! The visual aspect of this episode was just amazing, as the fabric store had so many colors and patterns, even glow-in-the-dark cats! Makoto stuck with all black, but Chito had a great idea for something special as well. Oh, and might as well get some of that cat fabric just in case!

Chinatsu has to be the luckiest girl in town. That robe Makoto made for her is just perfect! There may not be much of a plot or direction to this series, but some of the scenes this episode were just bursting with feelings. It had a certain kind of finality to it, yet also the air of new beginnings – with Chinatsu’s robes and Makoto needing to report her progress.

Akane is a wonderfully fun character. She definitely isn’t the poster girl for controlling your vices, but she seems to have her honest moments as well. Her friend Inukai seems to bear the brunt of it, as she literally ends up knocked over by Akane several times. She seems like a good sister too for Makoto – someone knowledgeable and kind. The earthfish were quite absurd, but in a perfectly magical kind of way, and it’s always great to see Makoto learning something along with us. It also set up for a perfect ending before the final credits. Just another extraordinarily normal day in the life of a flying witch.

Episode Score
10/10 (Masterpiece)

Extra thoughts:
– Witches still buy things online.
– Can’t everyone see her flying through the air?
– But the eyes glow in the dark!
– It might weird me out in a dark hallway too, Kei.
– Sometimes you just get a bit of fun fabric, even if you have no plans for it.
– There’s some weird spacial physics going on with those earthfish.
– Too bad the festival was more of an after-thought. But this show isn’t about spectacle!

Flying Witch - 12 - Goodbye Witch.gif
See you next time, Makoto. 

Final Impressions

Not much else can be said about this show than how relaxing and enjoyable it is. Every little bit of the production contributes to that feeling, from the music to the art and characters.

The technical aspects of this show were pretty much always on point. It’s a great series to take screenshots of that are just fantastic in quality. The backgrounds are great representations of real locations in Hirosaki, and the other stationary objects like plants and food are beautifully rendered. The character expressions are simple and clean, and capture exactly what you would expect from the moment. The music ties the visuals together perfectly, with a blend of live instruments ranging from a few guitars and woodwinds, to a full orchestra for the big visual moments. Check out the info page for Flying Witch at ANN here for the full list of crew that made this come to life.

These characters have really grown on us, and it almost feels like we’re all a part of the Kuramoto family by the end of this season. I was always very impressed with how the non-human characters, like Chito, Kenny, and Al, were handled. They held important roles and shared some of the best moments of the show! My only criticism is that, although this show essentially features the lack of it, I would like a little more drama or plot. Only in the sense that I would like to see Chinatsu progress, or Makoto have to deal with the witching world a little more. I may have hinted at my desire to see some cute romantic asides, but that’s not even too dramatic if handled properly. Kei just needs a girlfriend to get him out of the house more often, and hone those housewife skills!

When it comes to the score for this show, I don’t think it even really matters. It’s so much of a relaxing experience, with fun characters doing fun things, that it would be pretty hard to mess up that vibe. The only reason it didn’t come out to a higher score is because it really doesn’t go anywhere. The fact that it accomplished so much each week in our hearts despite that deserves a lot pf praise. Perhaps we’ll be getting another season soon, to see what Chinatsu gets up to as a witch, and to learn a little more about the world!

Season Score
9.4/10 (Great)

(Rounded to 9 for MAL)

Flying Witch - 12 - Chinatsu Sleeps
Wake me up when Flying Witch returns.

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