Flying Witch 11

A whale in this sky, and hotcakes with friends. That’s only the start of the day! Coming up right after this, the review of the finale and final impressions for Flying Witch!

“A Whale in the Sky”

The first half of this episode managed to further solidify the beauty of the magical world that this series has been portraying. It’s all just a little hidden out of sight, while still being right there in front of you. The other-world newspaper man only shows up in early morning when a witch waits outside – guess its not a dying medium in the other world. Akane, Makoto, and Chinatsu failed to even notice a whale coming up behind them! It was also nice to see some flying again, with Chinatsu obviously pretty hyped to fly with Akane.

I don’t think I’ve praised the music in this series much yet, and it definitely deserves the praise. The small, live ensembles of woodwinds and guitars are just perfect for the light and bouncy thematic material. But the real shining moment this episode was the accompaniment to the flying whale. Everything about it fits the flying and wonder on display, and transitions wonderfully in to the exploration of the ruins. Yoshiaki Dewa should be very proud of how it’s turned out.

Shiina Anzu is shaping up to be a great character. She’s reserved and polite, but when it comes to something she’s interested in, like the Kuramoto house, she can’t hold back. Her voice and perpetual little cat-smirk defines her visual cuteness quite well, and she’s super in to history and archaeology. It was really quite funny to hear that Kenny is her teacher. I really hope that we get to hear these cats speak some day, but it’s also quite entertaining when they only meow and several of the people in the room have no clue what’s going on. Oh, and she has a pretty cool familiar, too! He’s no Chito or Kenny though.

The second portion of this episode once again managed to make me quite hungry. Those hotcakes looked so good! We’ll all be trying Kei’s technique the next time we make some. The history was interesting, and the differentiation between hotcakes and pancakes was fun to hear about as a westerner. I don’t own a hot plate in the style shown in the episode, so I’ll have to stick to pancakes for now.

The fact that this show doesn’t really have any plot at all is usually quite alright, but I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Kei. He’s surrounded by all these amazing, smart, talented witches, as well as Nao, and he doesn’t even get the slightest romantic arc. He will make a good housewife some day, as everyone keeps reminding him! As for Chinatsu’s goal of becoming a witch (although she kind of already is), I wonder how far along she’ll get before the end of the series?

Episode Score
9.5/10 (Great)

Flying Witch - 11 - Flying Whale.gif
So majestic.

Extra thoughts:
– Look at all those beautiful clouds.
– Every archaeologist does what Indiana Jones does. Fact, Chinatsu.
– That’s way too many pickled radishes.
Hotcakes look way too good.
– Hey Link, would you like to hear all of that again? Yes/No.

Next time:

Flying Witch - 11 - Kenny Agrees



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