Dragon Ball Super 49

The happy reunion is short-lived as Goku Black makes his way to our heroes’ timeline. Don’t try time travel at home, kids – it’s a serious crime!

“A Message From The Future. Goku Black Invades!”

There’s an apparent calm before the storm happening in this episode. Trunks gets to encounter other Trunks, and it pays off pretty well. Of course as soon as young Trunks sees his older self sparring with Goku, he’s immediately cheering himself on. The greatest parts of this episode, and of the past few in this series, are those with Pilaf and his gang. They’re the comic relief all the way, and they’ve finally found something they are good at. It’s even better that they’re essentially good guys now, adding an extra dynamic to the younger cast.

Super glad to see the issue of time travel come up with Beerus and Whis hanging around. They didn’t seem all too pleased that future Bulma was committing such a heinous act – and they were willing to punish this timeline’s version of her for it! This seems a little absurd, but it works within a timeline of fixed events. With the logic that she is going to create that technology in the future, she deserves to be punished before it happens – but that’s not how time travel is working in this universe! There are clearly multiple possibilities (the best kind of time explanation), and current Bulma isn’t really responsible for her other self. Beerus is easily swayed though, with a couple of fish sausages.

The issue of Majin Buu was explained in a display of rather aware storytelling not usually seen in this series. Of course Babadi was still coming to earth to revive Buu, but Trunks didn’t fall for Dabura’s traps and just straight up vaporized the two of them. Buu never even came to be in that timeline, because there’s no way Trunks could have defeated him alone. Trunks couldn’t even come close to beating a SSJ3, as we see in a rather cool sparring match between him and Goku. Bulma’s been needing that shield for a while, but it also could use an upgrade.

We get a quick glimpse of Trunks noticing the young Mai running around the present timeline. He seems to think on it for a moment, and clearly realize there’s not much he can do. It’s just a melancholy¬†angle of time travel that has to be accepted. His reunion with Bulma is of course very important, because she finds the notes from her future self! Talk about convenient, but it was also the logical thing for future Bulma to include if she wanted any hope of Trunks returning to the future.

So who is Goku Black? Trunks says he introduced himself as Son Goku, which still doesn’t completely clear the air. There’s something going on with that green Kaioshin that we have yet to see, and the earring that Goku Black is wearing. Plus there’s that time ring he has! That seems incredibly illegal in the world of the gods. Clearly there’s some controlling force behind his actions, but as of yet, it’s hard to say exactly what. The favored theory with J-san and myself, as well as some other internet denizens, is that it could be adult Goten. He should only be a year younger than future Trunks, and has reason (his dead family, never meeting his hero dad, the destroyed world) to turn to the dark side – plus the clear influence of some other party that is yet to be seen. Can’t wait to find out more and see some great fighting! This arc is shaping up well.

Episode Score
8/10 (Very Good) Cloudy
7/10 (Good) J-san

Dragon Ball Super - 049 - Majin Trunks.gif
Someone was better prepared.

Extra thoughts:
– Bulma, strongest in the universe.
-It’s actually cool to have Beerus around for once.
– One does not simply find a ‘time ring‘.
– Whis really should be the real god.
– I need to try a fish sausage.
– Goten doesn’t get to go? Hmm…
– Beerus is going to get so fat.
– Trunks doesn’t even understand how unfair that fight was.

Next time: “Goku VS Black! The Road Towards The Sealed Future”


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