Kiznaiver 12 – Final Impressions

In the grand finale of Kiznaiver, a girl goes from bridge-bombing evil dictator, to misunderstood teen, to everybody’s new friend in twenty-two minutes. Overall, a pretty good run.

Episode Review

“If The Kizuna System Spread Throughout The World”

Here we are, at the final episode, and something of real consequence seems to be happening. Sonozaki is attempting to take over the entire city with the Kizuna system! All of the fascist imagery was entertaining in a parody kind of way, and the Gomorin stuff was just hilarious. Gomorin has been a stand out comedy staple of this series since the beginning, and really never failed to disappoint.  Not really sure what Sonozaki’s plan was here though.

Nico’s take on the whole situation was once again more logical and honest than all of the other characters thoughts combined. She didn’t give a damn about Sonozaki, no matter how tragic she was (I feel you, Nico). She just wanted to do what was best for her friend, and Katsuhira needed help saving his beloved Nori-chan.

The big conflict on the bridge was all sorts of strange. Back and forth about what the Kizuna system actually did or did not do, the characters seemed to just be yelling out whatever might have helped to clear the plot up a bit. Sure, they all could have been friends without the system, but it’s also what brought them so close together to facilitate such a friendship. Relationships are usually born out of some kind of necessity, whether it be the people you have to see every day, or the only people you get along with. There was just so much suspension of disbelief required with the audience and for the characters themselves, who couldn’t seem to understand that people have emotions and what defines friendship. For all those out there struggling to find ‘real friends’, it’s a much looser definition than you probably imagine.

Sonozaki’s redemption obviously didn’t sit all too well with me – I haven’t been much of a fan of hers throughout the entire series. It was interesting to find out that she had been holding in everyone’s pain, rather than just experiencing it for them. That also clears up the plausibility of the concept as well, but the show described this in some of the most roundabout dialogue. This girl blew up a part of the city’s bridge, and was forcing citizens in to some kind of crazy medical procedure against their will – she’s a straight up terrorist! These kids have a long life ahead of them, and being in love with someone who went this crazy probably isn’t going to result in a very productive relationship. Most of Sonozaki’s actions are pure break-up material, not “I’ll love you despite your flaws” actions.

Everybody is friendly at the end, though – no hard feelings. Katsuhira and Sonozaki are dating, and Chidori seems to still disapprove despite being cast aside. Tenga feels like he has a chance with Chidori, and really anything is possible at this point. Yuta and Honoka are a pretty cute couple, actually. They make the most sense, and her teasing him about getting fat so that she doesn’t have to deal with anybody else liking him is amazing. It’s a pretty great compliment if you think about it. Nico and Hisomu should probably just get together, as they’re the only odd ones out.

Episode Score
7.8/10 (Good)

Extra thoughts:
– Sonozaki worked out her own new logo for all this.
– Don’t ask random old men to bond with you. They will probably say yes.
– Sumo Gomorin battle was amazing.
That bridge is probably impractical, but pretty cool.
– And now Sonozaki is a terrorist…
– Friends are soy sauce, the omnipotent seasoning.
– And they’d be dead.
– They’d be a pretty cute couple, but is it really worth it Tenga? You’ve seen what she’s like.

Kiznaiver - 12 - Sumo Gomorin.gif

Final Impressions

This series adds to the list of things that did not go in the direction that I expected them to this season – Mayoiga being the big one on that list. In this case, though, it was kind of an alright shift of expectations. The series ended up being mostly about emotions and connections, rather than taking advantage of the obvious benefits in sharing physical pain. Someone else out there must have been expecting some Kill-la-Kill action when the characters were essentially indestructible. Visually speaking, the show looks quite good, and the overall production value was never in doubt.

The emotional arcs covered were believable and interesting to a certain extent. At some point you had to believe that the characters had never felt anything at all before this series just to find their lack of understanding convincing. It’s also high school, and that’s a pretty weird time in life.

After much consideration though, this show just didn’t really hit that hard, or bring too much new to the table. The ending fell a little flat as well, with the cliche redemption and couplings that were set up from the beginning to succeed. It was a good run that was worth watching each week, but an average kind of good – and with that, here is the rating:

Season Score
7.5/10 (Good)

(Rounded to 7 for MAL)



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