Dragon Ball Super 48

The tension barely lets up as the time machine completes its one-way trip. The present day cast knows there’s something up, especially the confused young Trunks. No, that isn’t Bulma’s illegitimate love child!

“Hope, Again!! Trunks Wakes Up In The Present”

It’s hard to say whether this series is suddenly amazing, or it is just such a drastic improvement over the previous year of episodes that it only seems that way by comparison. This is a great dilemma to have, and Toriyama should be happy either way at this point. The pacing of this episode was wonderfully frantic, even in the comedic parts it didn’t make us sit too long for another tense moment to arise. Sure, it took Trunks almost an entire episode to wake up, but if this were Dragon Ball Z, that would have been six weeks. And by the looks of the preview, we’re moving right along.

The battle scene with Trunks vs. Goku Black (as he is being called for the time being) was powerful and intense. Super saiyan seems to be no match for Black, and he seems quite critical of the saiyan race – despite really seeming to be one. The animation has been on a bit of an upswing as well, with still the occasional odd face, but overall very satisfying for what it’s trying to do. The extreme polish and sheen of the new style animation seems to be giving way just slightly to the more classic grainy look – almost like during the flashback scenes. J-san is under the impression they should just use that filter all the time! It’s not really grainy though, just that there’s a little more detail in the lines and character models, less bright overall, and well focused. A definite bonus to go along with an improved story.

Young Trunks is rightfully getting a little more attention, and it was fun to see him in class with his odd new/old friends – old to us at least. Converting Pilaf and his gang to be good guys makes a lot of sense at this point, and it breaths a little life in to the youngest generation of the show. They’re good comic relief, and more people for Trunks and Goten to be friends with. Or, you know, more than friends when it comes to Mai and Trunks. J-san thinks that’s a little strange, considering she used to be old and they still retain their memories, but what other choice is there for her, really? I say let it be super cute.

Trunks actual arrival in the present day is immediately assumed to be a bad sign for the world, considering the previous reason for his appearance. It’s definitely a weird experience for the young Trunks, who was too young to realize the first time around. The best part was that there was no lazing around, everyone was immediately notified, it took them little time to arrive, and the show can continue forward. Beerus and Whis are an interesting factor in all of this as well, since time travel is something that seems to be out of their area of understanding or control. It’s a super smart way to make them not the most important people around for a moment.

Trunks seems pretty afraid of present day Goku, considering the uncanny resemblance to Black. But I’m still not sold on them being all that connected, without a proper explanation yet. He wears some very dark, very Kai-looking clothes – almost as if the Supreme Kai has something to do with it. We’ve also been getting teases of a different supreme kai looking person. Although the future Goku died of a heart attack during the android invasion, this is the  Dragon Ball universe we’re talking about, and resurrection happens. Here’s hoping though that it could actually be future Goten gone bad, driven to darkness by this unknown kai and the historic failures of the saiyan race. He is really the only major player not accounted for in the future cannon. Now that would be a dark twist. Can’t wait until next week to find out more!

Episode Score
8.2/10 Cloudy (Very Good)
8.5/10 J-san (Very Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 048 - Goku and Black

Extra thoughts:
– Trunks really wasn’t ever the best fighter. His big moment was the slow SSJ2 failure.
– I could use a new computer.
– What was this shot even for? Completely random.
– Did you get the correct answer?
– Why doesn’t Goten go to school with Trunks too?
– That teacher never even knew what she was in for. Monaka levels of fear.
– Bulma looks better every day older.
– Limbo can be pretty fun, Goku.
– How about an awkward reunion.

Dragon Ball Super - 048 - Continuos Fighting.gif
The great warrior race.

Next time: “A Message From The Future. Goku Black Invades!”



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