Kiznaiver 11

Katsuhira does some hard thinking in this episode – but even with all his brooding and apparent disconnection, he has more support than he knows.

“We Have To Contact Each Other and Confirm Our Feelings. Because We’re Friends!”

Nico continues to be the most logical character again this week, as Katsuhira shuts out the world and puts on his thinking cap. It was kind of by her instruction as well. Now that they are no longer connected, the Kiznaivers need to share their feelings more openly as to understand each other better. The dynamic in the group could be a bit of a problem on that front, but it seems to be coming around well.

Katsuhira’s message to Chidori was wonderfully up front and honest – but I’m not quite sure still if he realized she felt the same way as he did when he saw his friends just recently, except for their entire friendship. He got that it made her sad, but didn’t quite hit the nail on the head. Interesting that she took it as a rejection, and got mad about it, and remembered her problems with Tenga. She’s been a bit of a mess recently, but there’s still the opportunity for some good to come to her. Is this series going to end with any actual relationships forming, or is it going to be a “we’re all friends again” moment?

Hisomu wins the best friend award for this episode. Sometimes you just can’t be friends with everyone, and it’s better to stick with those that stick with you. Strangely enough, Hisomu has developed in to a rather dependable, mature, and caring character. This comes from his original purpose as being mostly comic relief as a masochist. A great job has been done developing him over this season.

The rest of the group are a little fractured still at this point. Yuta is so apathetic to the situation, and Honoka is as brooding and lonely as ever – and if I had to bet, Tenga just punches things all night in his room. When Katsuhira finally finished thinking, and it took a while, he seemed to profess a bunch of amazing wisdom that the gang had trouble understanding, despite it all being pretty much common sense. None of them seem to be able to understand the definition of friendship, nor companionship, nor camaraderie. Even when Urushibara tells them that pain in their heart (totally not a heart attack, maybe) is just them all understanding Katsuhira’s pain because they’re friends, none of them can even comprehend it. I know it’s necessary for the plot of the show to be stretched out a bit, but most people would just be like “Oh yeah, I do feel bad. You all do too? Got it.”

Sonozaki Nori-chan returns from her attempted suicide (they really should be watching her a little more carefully), and is back on the path towards straight up villainy. She wants to keep the experiment going to save her friends, and that’s a noble cause. She also seems to want to go to Mr. Freeze lengths to do so, and that’s not so great. The end of the episode seems to imply that she is about to connect with the whole city, or something. If that’s not a Batman villain move, I don’t know what is. It’s definitely an interesting villain for the show, if there has to be one. I just hope they don’t try to prop her up as ‘best girl’ and completely redeem her – and I should also know not to hope for the impossible.

Episode Score
7.9/10 (Good)

Kiznaiver - 11 - Gomorin March.gif

Extra thoughts:
– Why does Yuta still hang with those girls?
– There’s a Gomorin work ad magazine! It all makes sense now!…
– Hisomu for BFF.
– That was the ultimate of apathetic supply teachers.
– I wonder what the rest of the class thinks.
– The Gomorin workers must know they’re part of a private army by now.

Next time: “If The Kizuna System Spread Throughout The World”

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