Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV 02

It’s been a few months, but Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV  has finally returned for its second episode. Watch the video here, and read the review below!

Episode Review

“Dogged Runner”

This was quite a change of pace from the conclusion of the first episode that featured flying swords and an imperial army. In fact, there wasn’t even a single sword or soldier! The kind of back story we got this time, about the rather energetic Prompto, is exactly the kind of thing this short series should be used for – a realistic and moving short tale that gives definite meaning to the character’s friendship while being something that does not necessarily need to be explained in-game. The 15-minute backstory cinematics in FF13 weren’t always welcome, and the story could have perhaps benefited from a series like this. If it’s not being shoe-horned in to the game, something else gets to fill its place.

It was so noticeable in this episode just how realistic, in a the most present-day modernism sense we have likely ever seen in a Final Fantasy, that this game wants to be. It might has well have been present day Japan, with a giant, futuristic Attack on Titan wall defending them from something (perhaps Titan, probably invasion).  The school, the cars, the houses, and everything is just so present-day. It’s been very difficult for Square to represent that in even the more modern Final Fantasies like 7 & 8. On top of that very present-day look, there’s also the rather lavish, royal abode that we see for a moment with Lunafreya.

Prompto’s motivation in this backstory is quite believable. Fusing his love for animals, and the call to action from this mysterious owner of the dog he saved, Prompto attempts to make friends with the rather loner-type prince. It could mean a lot that Luna plays a part in this backstory, considering from the end of the episode that Prompto hasn’t even met her. Has Noctis? They are to be married after all I believe. It feels like there’s a bit of a love triangle blooming here (even if Hajime Tabata refused to put a female in the party for kind of that reason). After Prompto’s rather impressive transformation he formally introduces himself again to Noctis when high school begins – but our hero Noct has known him for a while now, even if they weren’t close. There’s an instant, believable friendship there. It humanizes these characters, especially Noctis. He’s not just some angsty prince, and there seems hope that he’ll have genuine character beyond that definition.

It’s still a question what the rest of this series may have in store for us. I would be quite pleased with something that outlines the backstories of the other characters in the main party, considering how well this one was handled.  Don’t forget, there is also Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV on its way as well!

Episode Score
8.9/10 (Very Good)

Extra thoughts:
– Prince Noctis just is Sasuke. Seems to be less of an ass though.
– How is he not home-schooled, or in some kind of private institution?
– He probably has a thousand servants. Well, at least one.
– I don’t think that wall is stopping the FFXV Titan.
– The instinct to hand a prince something, rather than expect help. So correct.
– That one dude is just always running. I want to know his story.
– That was some prompt improvement.



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