Spring 2016 Weekly Reactions 10 (Jun 5-11)

Friendships and trust are tested this week in some dramatic events, Monaka is still saving the day, and nothing is more perfectly serene than a day at the Kuramoto orchard.

As per usual, be sure to click on the episode titles to read the full review and check out all the screenshots!

June 5, 2016

Dragon Ball Super 46 “Goku vs. Fake Vegeta! Who’s Gonna Win!?” – We really didn’t need an answer to the question posed by this episode’s title. It was obvious all along. Monaka is always the winner. Well, that filler arc aside, how about that preview!? The long awaited, possibly good, original new content with maybe some consequence is upon us – let’s not get too hyped. It’s hard not too, though. Oh, and this week it was kinda fun to watch “Vegeta” get vaporized. He kind of deserved to see that, as I’m surprised it hasn’t happened a dozen times this series any way.
Episode Score: 7.1/10 Cloudy, 6/10 J-san (Preview, 11/10)

Dragon Ball Super - 046 - Monaka Does It Again
Woops, saved the universe again.

Re: Zero 10 “Fanatical Methods Like a Demon” – This week picks up with Subaru being the super manly savior of the village, despite Rem really doing most of the heavy lifting. Emilia is still relegated to a super side role throughout most of this arc. In fact, it all still kind of seems like exposition – 10 episodes in to a 26 episode series. It was cool to see Subaru use his inability to explain his situation as a tool to draw the beasts to him. It furthers the mystery of his power and the connection he has to this supposed witch. Beatrice (Beako, Betty) brought her “you’re about to die” charm again this time. Really loving her character so far. As for all the battles and action in this episode, it was all OK. Ram’s wind magic is a little more than a nifty trick it seems, but it also left her rather defenseless. Hopefully we will see next week the resolution to this strange demon cute puppy story.  Nice throw, Subaru.
Episode Score: 7.8/10

Re Zero - 10 - Ram Is Proud.gif
A little too proud of her steaming ability.

June 10, 2016

Mayoiga 11 “Get In the Bus, And It’ll Get the Song In You” – There are so many strange things going on with this series it can be a little weird to make sense of at times. On the other hand, this episode did a slightly better job at trying to clarify its message. The moral now seems to be that you should accept your past hang-ups or trauma for what it is, instead of truly over-coming or defeating it. Wait, that’s a horrible message! Also, weren’t the Nanaki originally only visible to the person that they pertained to? Somehow out of this there has evolved an evil conspiracy to make the Nanaki more powerful, and use it for… something. I’m super excited to see how this show finally ends, in the way that can’t help but watch a train crash.
Episode Score: 5.7/10

Mayoiga - 11 - So Much Apathy
You can feel the apathy.

June 11, 2016

Kiznaiver 10 “You Knew Very Well That Your Romantic Feelings Might Be Unrequited, Right?” – So it’s come to the end of summer, and the Kizuna experiment is over. It was kind of sudden, but also a wonderfully natural progression from last week’s climactic drama overload. We need to see how these characters react to their situation after they’re no longer ‘connected’, and observe the effects it had on them – like any good experiment. Each character got their own little moment to show how they might be dealing with the consequences. Props to Nico for being the most level-headed of the group, somehow. As for Sonozaki’s (Nori-chan’s) sob story that’s finally been revealed to us, it’s powerful enough. Her motivations for continuing the experiment have yet to be fully clarified either. I think Katsuhira’s side of the story is far more compelling, especially when he finally reunites with his friends from the past. Something that finally gets through to him.
Episode Score: 8.8/10

Kiznaiver - 10 - All in One
Now that’s how you properly screw up an experiment.

Flying Witch 10 “Bad With Cooking and Bad With Bees” – I always seem to enjoy the Nao-centric stories. She’s just always so genuinely surprised by the strange things Makoto gets up to, and is perfectly honest with her about why they’re so strange. Nao also mentions witches in the class without any hesitation. It’s at least a bit of a secret! There were some good cooking tips, and everything turned out almost ok. Don’t forget to make the rice for your curry, and perhaps keep those witches pinkies (ladyfingers) a little less realistic. The trip out to help at the orchard was wonderful. Another nice summer day, because the weather is probably always perfect when witches are involved. I’m fully on-board with Chinatsu becoming a ninja witch as well. Now that would be a great spin-off.
Episode Score: 9.0/10

Flying Witch - 10 - Always Tired Akane
You’re our hero, Akane.


Aldnoah Zero S2 03 “Attack on the Blistering Sands” – Yes, I still seem to be watching this. Count Mazuurek is an interesting addition so far. He seems woefully out of place with his scheming colleagues, as if he were the shy kid just trying to fit in. Then he gets in a giant super robot and proclaims that his ‘fighting style is worthy of the orbital knights’ as soon as he can’t be touched. There’s actually a little bit of nuance there, until it probably gets snuffed out down the line. And if you have to ask your enemy a hypothetical about the value of resistance, you should probably know by then that you’re not on the ‘good’ side. Slaine seems to be killing a lot of people and blowing up a lot of stuff to further his double-agent thing. You know, this is getting a little better each episode. Some of the individual characters make up for the strange story at times, and others the story makes up for really bad characters. Moral of the story? Drink your problems away. (Also, in b4 gravity waves were even confirmed irl).



Toei Animation Previews the ‘Futre Trunks Arc’ – It starts tomorrow! Check out this video released by Toei if you haven’t gotten enough hype from us yet.


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