Dragon Ball Super 47 – Future Trunks!

The Future Trunks arc kicks off with a bang, and some big, serious moments. Is this the most powerful villain we’ve ever seen, and how will he affect the timeline of our main cast of heroes!?

“SOS From the Future! A New Black Enemy Appears!!”
(There will be spoilers!)

We jump right in to things with Trunks being chased around an apocalyptic setting – the world that has been destroyed by androids, saved, and now destroyed once again. He’s really having a tough go of things, and this episode doesn’t lighten up on him much either. Bulma, the ever-young mother, has the time machine fuel ready to go, but it can only make one trip – and it’s not going to include her.

Enter the now teenage Mai. It’s interesting to see her at this stage, after the errant wish as one of Emperor Pilaf’s henchmen to be youthful way back in the day. It’s a good middle-ground between that and her adult form some of us may remember. It’s an interesting turn of events for her to end up being with Trunks there in the future, considering we saw during the Beerus arc that she kind of had a crush on him as a kid. That did not happen in Future Trunks’ timeline, so they must have met up another way. She’s always been pretty crafty and resourceful though, so I don’t doubt the possibility. That gun too, quite the cool bit of a tech for someone who doesn’t have powers.

But alas, everyone in Trunks is time (huge obvious spoiler) is now dead and gone. This episode did a great job of building up Trunks’ relationship with his mother and probable love interest in such a short amount of time. Can’t fault this show for dragging as much as its predecessor did. Even I was surprised that they killed Mai so quickly, probably alluding to the fact we won’t be returning to the future any time soon.

So who is this ‘Goku Black’? His design looks great. It’s got a lot of Goku’s features in there, but also a sleek kind of evil to it that we haven’t seen in quite a while. If I’m not mistaken, it sounds like Goku’s voice actor (re; actress) as well. The other thing that’s easily picked up upon is the earring he wears. It looks like a supreme kai’s earring, which are usually used for fusion of some sort from what we’ve seen in the past. Yet, he is only wearing one of them, so is likely not a fused character. Also, why is he terrorizing Trunks so much? He seems to have a personal vendetta against saiyans, as that is all he refers to Trunks as. If he is far more powerful than super-saiyan Trunks, what are his goals? This and more will likely be revealed to us in the coming episodes.

Next week it looks like Future Trunks makes it back to the past, possibly in rough shape. Most of the characters will recognize him from their previous meeting, but it will be quite a shock to present day Trunks! Did anyone tell him that he helped save the world during the android and Cell sagas? Really looking forward to how this arc plays out, but as for that tournament for the King of Everything, all I can say is shut-up Goku! This is cool, that seems less cool. Not only would it be another tournament, but the fact that the King of Everything could solve all problems ever defeats the purpose of even having a show like this. Let’s hope it just falls to the wayside as the threat of Goku Black becomes apparent in the present day.

Episode Score
8.1/10 Cloudy (Very Good)
8/10 J-san (Very Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 047 - Goku Black.gif

Extra thoughts:
– By far the highest score J-san has given this show.
– No wonder Bulma is always so youthful, how long has she had that time machine?
– I don’t think Bulma has ever been killed before. Devastating.
– I still need Krillin’s ‘Tacos’ shirt.
Mai oh Mai oh Mai.
– Whoa, where do I get a cup noodles like that!?
– That cat is quite the Briefs family throwback. Like grandfather, like grandson.
– I suppose Pan wouldn’t have been born in the other timeline.

Next Time: “HOPE, Again!! Trunks Wakes Up In The Present”


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