Toei Animation Previews ‘Future Trunks Arc’

Are you excited enough yet for tomorrow’s start of the Future Trunks arc? Check out this video for an extra preview of what’s to come!

This preview makes it really apparent how different the timelines are in a visual sense. The present day, with Goku and Vegeta looking surprised, is just so bright and a little too much at times. Perhaps this arc will serve to bring back some of the more serious, consequential, and dark plot lines to the Dragon Ball universe.

We here at Clouded are also wondering what everybody thinks of the new look for Future Trunks. His hair is looking like a pretty good mix of Bulma and Vegeta, but it really doesn’t match his younger self – and is quite far from the original design. These characters are being done by Toriyama himself, the original creator of Dragon Ball (and Z). What do you think of the new look?


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