Mayoiga 11

The strange spiral of absurdity continues. Even a little bit of clarification doesn’t seem to help where this series is going. Could anything at this point?

“Get In the Bus, And It’ll Get the Song In You”

There are so many strange things going on with this series it can be a little weird to make sense of at times. On the other hand, this episode did a slightly better job at trying to clarify its message. The moral now seems to be that you should accept your past hang-ups or trauma for what it is, instead of truly over-coming or defeating it. Wait, that’s a horrible message!

The one character that this moral might truly work for is the bus driver. He lost his daughter in some what that he claims is his fault. Accepting that as truth and understanding how he feels is pretty much the only solution to the situation. He can’t defeat his emotions and press on like nothing ever happened, which is what he had been trying to do up until this point. And so the bus driver, who never really even got a name, was the most compelling and realistic character in this series.

Now a character that the whole Nanaki acceptance thing really doesn’t work for is Mitsumune. His trauma was that he let people walk all over him, essentially. His family re-branded him as his dead brother and he just rolled with that, and Hayato/Speedstar used him as a puppet because he wanted to control someone. That’s a problem you want to beat, not accept – and Mitsumune’s response to Hayato was perfect in that regard. He just straight up said ‘no, you’re not going to control me anymore.’ Wouldn’t accepting his Nanaki be resigning to the fate of being controlled and that’s just the kind of person he is? Sure, I understand that the show is trying to say he should accept that it happened, get over it, and forgive the people involved, but that’s also load of shit in its own way.

As for what’s going on with the rest of the cast, everything seems to be spiraling in to a vortex of absurdity. The majority of them are lethargic for not confronting their Nanaki, and those who are fighting against or with it seem empowered somehow. Then there’s a group that doesn’t seem affected either way. And on top of all this, Koharun seems to be running an evil scheme to use super-powered Nanaki for… something? I am a little interested to see where that goes, if only for the oddity of it all. Oh and the Lovepon-Mikage duo are in full execution mode – still.

Finally, the Misato and Reiji situation needs a little bit of discussion. Was it not that only each individual could see their own Nanaki? The fact that Misato and Reiji can both speak, and be seen/heard by everyone else around them is a pretty big contradiction to the earlier established norm. Breaking your own established rules isn’t much of a twist, despite how appropriate Yottsun’s reaction was. How does Koharun see other’s Nanaki as well? We’ll just have to wait and see. It’s safe to say that the final reactions to this show next week will be quite something.

Mayoiga - 11 - So Much Apathy.gif
Totally feeling the apathy.

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– What is the episode title even supposed to mean?
– So, Nanaki are clearly sentient beings of some kind.
– There are always a few in a crowd willing to follow an evil power grab.
– Even Lion-chan can’t save some of these scenes.
– How did nobody die or at least get hit by the bus in this scene?

Next time: “Nanaki Mirrors Your Soul”


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