Flying Witch 10

The stresses of cooking class, and a day of work out at the apple orchard. Chito and Kenny obviously tagged along as well.

“Bad With Cooking and Bad With Bees”

I always seem to enjoy the Nao-centric stories. She’s just always so genuinely surprised by the strange things Makoto gets up to, and is perfectly honest with her about why they’re so strange. I mean, those finger cookies (a take on ladyfingers) were definitely way too detailed. Nao also seems to lack a bit of confidence, especially in the realm of cooking. But she was actually alright when it came down to it!

There was a lot of really great cooking advice in this episode. Tips for preparing anything with onions are invaluable, and cooking ground beef is a pretty important staple for a lot of people. When Nao dropped the patty she was working on and told Kei that it was his, it was the perfect dig at a friend. But what’s this? She made it in to a heart and it held all of her love? No idea what that could mean. Well, I keep shipping those two no matter how neutral this show is. Any way, none of the three of them, even with Kei’s expert level knowledge, could remember to put the rice on to cook before they started with the rest. You don’t need rice to eat curry.

The family takes a trip out the real Kuramoto farm this week – and it’s an apple orchard! Chito and Kenny even tagged along, if only to relax in the sun and… keep relaxing in the sun. This episode was actually full of random educational things, be it cooking advice or how to properly grow apples. Bees are also super important for a lot of things that we enjoy, despite most people being super afraid of them. They’re not usually that mean, but if something can happen to Makoto, it probably will.

Chinatsu was super cute this week, in that childish wonder kind of way. She wanted to hang out with big-sis Akane, fly like Makoto, and be a ninja as well. Of course she can be a ninja witch, according to Akane – I think Kei was a little jealous. I’m enjoying this little slice-of-life segments of this show, but I also want to get to the larger narrative of training as a witch. Is Chinatsu going to be able to fly as well by the end of this season? Time’s running out!

Episode Score
9.0/10 (Great)

Flying Witch - 10 - Always Tired Akane.gif
Akane, my hero.

Extra thoughts:
– Everybody has that one class they can’t stand.
– This show loves food too much. So hungry.
– It feels so disgoodsting! That’s disgusting, yet good.
– That is definitely unnecessarily realistic.
– That French came out of nowhere, pops.
– What a cruel and unfortunate world for apple blossoms.
Chito and Kenny have the best cat-lives. Also, the cutest couple.

The Chito and Kenny Gallery!

End card:

Flying Witch - 10 - End Card Makoto
That’s what you get for being the main character!

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