Flying Witch 09

Fortunes should usually be taken with a heavy dose of skepticism, but when the world is full of magic, who knows what could be true?

“The Day After Tomorrow Is Today”

A slice of life that doesn’t forget the parents is pretty rare these days. It’s so nice to see Kei and Chinatsu’s mom at work, making children’s picture books! She’s a real pro, even if she got the fox sound wrong. Probably best just to go with what they’ll want to hear.

Inukai drops by for some fortune telling, considering she didn’t quite get around to it last time. Normally I wouldn’t have any care about fortunes or astrology, but in a world of magic you really can’t discount anything – especially when it’s free! The fortunes themselves were entertaining, and the actual end results the next day were quite on point. As it got late though, pretty Inukai made her appearance.

The animal side-kicks continue to be a fun aspect of the show. Al the mouse (hamster?) shows up with Inukai, much to Chito’s pleasure. Good thing Chito is over her mouse phase. When she reached out her paw with an evil glare and just pet Al on the head, so perfect! Through the rest of the scene, Chito and Al were hanging out like good buddies, in that Chito was having fun, and Al feared for his life. Of course Kenny made an appearance in this episode as well. Always happy to see him lounging around, and in this case just like his master!

Nao seems like the perfect friend for people like Makoto and Kei. She calls them out on the ridiculous, and gives a great ‘normal’ perspective to things as well. When she shows up at the house and meets Akane, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Akane is pretty strange, although I totally side with her on the observations made. Nao and Kei are totally meant for each other. They make the perfect team to make snide comments at Makoto. Akane’s reaction to Kei hanging out with a girl was just too funny as well.

The gang made it through most of their day with little reference to their fortunes from Inukai. Their garden looks great by the way, although I think they may have gone a little overboard with those radishes. Well, free food is free food – Chinatsu’s got the right idea. Just as the day is coming to a close though, Akane finally wakes up after all that jet lag (teleportation lag?). The little birds she sent to each of the family members were super cute, and pretty creepy. The one standing on Kei was my favorite. Either it would scare the crap out of me, or I would just smack it across the room for waking me. Either way, Chinatsu got her useless treasure, and Makoto got her useless travel gift.

Episode Score

Flying Witch - 09 - Chito Makes a Friend.gif
Such good friends.

Extra thoughts:
– We now know what the fox says.
The furry returns.
– Shout out to Burkina Faso?
– Chinatsu watches cool TV shows!
– Akane sure is interesting, and a pro relaxer. Super pro.
– Sorry Kei, I mean ‘that thing‘.
– They didn’t go overboard at- oh dear.
Those fortunes were pretty close.
– Because everything has to be a little magic.



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