Dragon Ball Super 46

The Planet Potafu (or whatever) arc comes to a close this week, and we get a super tease as to what starts next week! See what I did… ah, whatever. Let’s watch Goku and “Vegeta” beat each other up.

“Goku vs. Fake Vegeta! Who’s Gonna Win!?”

As far as episode titles go for episodes, this one doesn’t even give away the ending of the arc like usual – but it might as well. We all know that Goku has to win, Vegeta will survive, and the weird super water will get sealed away in the magical fridge again. Oh, and all of that happened.

It was an OK fight all around. The standard re-used animations, somewhat inconsequential fighting as normal saiyans before going blue, and perfectly matched punches were all there. Some of the big energy attacks looked great, but it all still lacked any real power. This could have passed as a cool fight from 1992, but we just expect to see so much more of modern shows – and crazy super powerful beings like Goku and Vegeta. The only way to really make up for that is with a decent story.

This episode really tried for the emotional connection between Trunks and his dad. The problem was that as he reached for disappearing Vegeta, neither of us watching could really care. What about the dragon balls? There’s a few sets of them floating around, ready for speedy collection at the death of a character. Not really up on how many times people can be revived anymore, but that kind of got glossed over when they brought Goku back by popular demand to defeat Buu. It’s all moot though, as we assumed correctly that Vegeta would be saved in the end any way.

I’ve got to hand it to this series though, when it goes all-in on a comic relief character, it goes all. Both Monaka and Jaco were spot in this time around. The water-monster swerving around Jaco was totally expected, but it was funny because it was so obviously necessary – like a validation of our understanding of him as a pretty useless character. Speaking of useless, did Goten and Trunks fly over to find the original water-monster, only to be chased by it for a bit and then leave it alone for no reason despite it being their only hope? Whatever. On the other hand we have Monaka saving the day once again. And in this instance, he truly did save the day, instead of being just a stand in that Hit forfeited to. The perfect write-off of an otherwise pretty useless and forgettable filler arc.

J-san’s thoughts:

You know, if Picollo were powerful enough, he would just solve all of the problems without hesitation. Goku has to contemplate killing a copy.

The setup for the next episode was a thousand times better than the episode itself.

Episode Score
7.1/10 Cloudy
6/10 J-san

Extra thoughts:
– The episode scores average all-around. The preview scores 11.5/10.
– Oh, there was an episode with this preview?
– Pretty sure Trunks’ hair is purple-ish, thin, and straight.
– I guess it looks more like Bulma’s hair now?
– Is that future Pan? She didn’t exist back in Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Super - 046 - Monaka Does It Again.gif
Woops, saved the universe again.

Next time: “SOS From the Future! A  New Enemy, Black, Appears!!”

We thought this through a little, and now realize that this is the same exact future Trunks as from the android saga. So the questions of where Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, ect. are is answered from that timeline. They’re all still dead by way of Android/heart attack. Pretty neat that we get to see the after effects of Trunks disabling the androids and killing proto-Cell. Who could this new enemy, Black, be? Looks a lot like an earring-fused saiyan from the promo posters.


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