Mayoiga 10

Could you make sense of this episode? You don’t want to try? Well I’ll give it my best shot.

“Danger Past, God Forgotten”

It feels like the writers for this series had just finished watching Lost and had a ‘great idea’ for a new, ‘original’ series. Just like when several of those stranded Oceanic Flight 815 passengers somehow got off the island and back home, Mitsumune has come back to the real world as well. There are so many problems with this at the moment that I barely know where to begin. How did this old guy find him? Considering he just poofed out of Nanaki village and back to wherever, how could Kamiyama have been involved. Beyond that, Yottsun is alive and well, for some reason. We saw him floating down the river, but I guess he just popped back too.

The people remaining in the village got rather lethargic and uncaring this episode. Quite the parallel to how we the audience are feeling at points as well. Not exactly sure what this means, but Mikage is till raring to go on all cylinders, even if it means doing everything himself.

The few people left with kind of a level head, including the adorable Lion, found Masaki’s lost Reiji. He seems to be a bit of an enigma as well. A little unhealthy looking for sure, he must have something weird going on about him – perhaps he lost his ‘Nanaki’. That’s the name for the monster by the way. Real creative there. Reiji tells them to leave the village, which is the no-duh moment of the episode. But the prerequisite for leaving seems to be coming to terms with your Nanaki-monster-past-pain. Well, here comes the kicker…

If you overcome your Nanaki, you’re doomed to die quicker because you’ve lost an important part of yourself. What kind of moral is that!? The whole purpose of the village seems to be curing people of their traumas, but now we’re being told that those are a vital part of your being and to accept it? That’s such a strange double-take on the concept. You should face your monster and accept it to make it go away, but you should also let it stay by accepting it and overcoming it. One of those is apparently bad and kills you, the other is fine? They’re the same thing with different wording. Now that we’ve finally got a bit more on the ‘magic’ of this show, because it is out of the realm of science pretty well now, what are they going to do to resolve all of this? I hope they all grow old quickly, die, and find out it was just a representation of purgatory after all. Oh, that’s Lost again. Dang.

Episode Score

Mayoiga - 10 - Thesis Monster.gif
When your thesis manifests as an actual monster.

Extra thoughts:
– Interesting that the whole event is public knowledge.
– Dahara was being a super weirdo when Koharun was away. Too honest.
– “You’re an enemy to all women.” Woah there, dudes can say no too.
– Dear lord he’s alive.
– There are still more characters in this series.
– Not exactly Kami-sama (God) after all.
– Kamiyama had an amazing Nanaki. One that all grad-students should fear.
– Jack is a bit of a masochist.
– What exactly is Koharun the boss of?
– That whole episode felt like it was going 90Mph. So much fast-talking.

Mayoiga - 10 - 27 Koharun.jpg
It was her all along! … doing what?

Next time: “Get In the Bus, And It’ll Get the Song In You”


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