Kiznaiver 09

Did this episode give you flashbacks to your teenage days? Or to last week? If it did, you’ve had an extremely dramatic life. Your teen crush probably isn’t this important!

“It’s All Over… I Think”

Oh it’s far from over. Everything that was bound to happen in this group of friends’ relationships happened this week. The initiation of the whole situation falls mostly on Yamada and his funneling of the Kiznaivers to the media room. Even Urashibara realized that showing a bunch of kids the private moments of another in a sort of Ocean’s Eleven “there’s always somebody watching” way is a bad deal. It crushed Chidori, and brought out the defensive side of Tenga so much that it crushed Nico (yes, I’ve changed to a C in her name).

No matter how mature they might be, and the crazy circumstances of the experiment, these are still kids they’re messing with. Yamada seems pretty certain with the success of getting them to hear each other’s thoughts that the program can be revived, but it’s still super sketchy. Sometimes the end definitely does not justify the means.

As for the love pentagram (Nico->Tenga->Chidori->Katsuhira->Sonozaki… damn it doesn’t finish), this might be one of the first shows I’ve seen that’s portraying an obvious ‘winner’ (Sonozaki), but the show is actually about the whole experience and not the end. So many times the Chidoris and Nicos of anime just get dumped aside for the creator’s best girl, yet here it’s their pain that drives the story. Chidori in particular, I really liked her inner thoughts being shared that she wanted to be held too – but when it happens, it’s clear that the circumstances were not correct. It was just too cruel of Katsuhira.

The big thing we got to see was the parallel between Sonozaki and Katsuhira, which kind of helps their story along a little bit. It seemed to hint that she tried to take her life because all of her friends were hurting so much, possibly because of her. And here in the present, Katsuhira has the brief realization that he might be the source of everyone’s problems. That’s shut down pretty quick though, thankfully. Everyone is literally sharing the blame and the pain. Well, Tenga might be a little bit more to blame because of his obvious obliviousness. He couldn’t even understand that telling Katsuhira to go after Chidori despite just having a moment with Sonozaki is directly paralleled in him going after Nico. What a dunce.

None of this really changes my opinion that Sonozaki is still a pretty horrible person. It’s like she was reading a script there in the gym as the others watched on, and the experiment played out perfectly. She’s lined everything up perfectly, and I can’t really see a reason beyond her own personal reasons or the Kizuna experiment. It just all seems so selfish. Hopefully this group of friends, Honoka still being quite wrong about their situation still, can get past these rather large potholes. Teenage love is fickle, and it is the utmost of rarity that it works out in the first round. If it did, life (and anime) would be pretty boring!

Episode Score

Kiznaiver - 09 - Pain.gif

Extra thoughts:
– How do they get so many people to be weird, sometimes creepy Gomorin?
This movie is pretty good!
– I think that’s just a heart attack.
– They’re moving along quickly.
– Sonozaki has no feelings, especially empathy for others.
– Ultimate lens flares, unleashed!

Next time: “You Knew Very Well That Your Romantic Feelings Might Be Unrequited, Right?”

Kiznaiver - 09 - Next Time
You Knew Very Well That Your Romantic Feelings Might Be Unrequited, Right?

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