Dragon Ball Super 45

The (mostly filler) arc on planet Potofu continues this week with some old tricks and hilarious names for them. It’s been a while Gotenks, it’s nice to see you come out for a round.

“Vegeta Disappears!? The Threat of Fake Vegeta!”

We can pretty much assume that this is straight filler now, what with the conflict having to be resolved in the next five minutes or face the untimely death of Vegeta. There was plenty of filler in the episode itself as well, as Vegeta got a nearly full recount of last week’s happenings via flashbacks. It’s only been a week. I think an off-screen explanation for Vegeta would have sufficed. The extra info about the history of the planet and the creation of the water was interesting in its own right, without the re-used scenes from last week.

Jaco is still a pretty fun character. I appreciate that his biggest concern with Vegeta ceasing to exist is that Bulma would blame him – the threat to the universe definitely comes second. His poses are so reminiscent of the Ginyu squad that I almost want to see a prequel spin-off that shows a little more from the Frieza days. I can just see it now, the galactic patrol vs. Ginyu squad, dancing around and making poses at each other for way too long.

It’s great to see Gotenks back in action, even if he is usually a mostly comic relief character. His personality is so childish, yet he bears so much power. It’s the perfect storm of incompetence. The fusion technique is drastically underused, and I think deserves a little bit more attention. There’s just so much possibility, and so much possible power! Against a foe with Vegeta’s power level though, Gotenks stands no chance. It was cool when he fought Buu back in the day, and even gave him a run for his money, but Vegeta is essentially a god at this point.

And the only person capable of taking him on? Well that’s Goku, as per usual. Good thing he was just finished getting back in to shape, once again as per usual. Poor King Kai’s planet though. That’s as per usual too, now that I think about it. This arc seems to be a ‘greatest hits’ of Dragon Ball Z story beats. The Super flavor does show up as Goku arrives to the fight, with his legendary stupidity still believing Monaka is a master and not being able to tell that purple Vegeta isn’t normal. They didn’t even really get to fighting – that’s for next week!

So I’m sure a lot of you have heard the tease that future Trunks is going to be making an appearance starting in June. I have no clue what that entails, but for some reason I’m hyped. And that’s not just hyped to get past this pretty lame arc (because I am). If they try to make anything more out of this story as it is, all originality in the universe is dead. Let’s get future Trunks in with some epic mission, or see what he’s like now that the androids were taken care of and his dad is a god!

Episode Score
6.2/10 Cloudy
5.8/10 J-san

Dragon Ball Super - 045 - SSJ3 Gotenks

Extra thoughts:
– A weapon turning on its creators? That’s so White Walker of them.
– Or literally any possibly sentient weapon ever created.
– Don’t ever name your moves.
– Monaka’s nipples jiggling. Oh my.
– Kind of getting a Majin Vegeta vibe.
– Three minutes of Vegeta’s remaining life, stretched across 30 minutes of show.

Next time: “Goku vs. Fake Vegeta! Who’s Gonna Win!?”


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