Flying Witch 08

Every dive has its regulars. This one just happens to be spirits, witches, and whatever else floats through the window. I would be there all the time for cake and good company.

“The Regular Customers”

We find ourselves where we left off in Cafe Concrucio, enjoying tea and cakes in the sun room! This time we get to meet more of the staff and patrons that frequent the hidden hangout. Shiina-san and her daughter Anzu definitely share a lot of visual traits, so it was fun when Makoto got them confused. It’s such an interesting thing to see a young new witch get confused about what she thinks must be a common practice, and even convince her friends of it too. It makes me wonder how many strange coincidences and mix-ups occur in the daily witch world. Especially with people as spacey as Makoto.

This further expansion of the magical world we’re seeing is so well done. We get a few connections, like the Harbinger of Spring and Shiina-san knowing Akane. The best part that came out of these exchanges was that Kei realized he’s just a normal guy. Should he be hanging around? Of course, considering he’s in witch company, there’s no way he can be normal any more! Sorry Kei, despite your best efforts you get to be interesting.

The first of the regular guests, a pair of ladybugs, are apparently sentient conversational beings as well. They just wanted some thistle between stints of helping in the farm and gardens. Too bad they got chased around by two girls looking for good fortune! The Veil of Darkness was cool and mysterious. She obviously drew the interest of Chinatsu, and thankfully everything in this world so far is kind and gentle – she even got a piece of candy!

I’m having a feeling that there’s more to this super cute fox that came in for some winter cherries. I’ve seen the OP. Now if a fox were to come in to the cafe I was sitting in, I would definitely want to pet it. What’s better than an afternoon snack and a massage? So funny that it just barks, after all of that ‘what does the fox say’ business. They are just canines after all!

The scene post-credits was amazing, and further solidified why Akane is my favorite. Apparently she also probably shouldn’t be trusted with powerful magic. The scenery did allow for some interesting pictures at least! Kenny does seem like a wise familiar, and also a bit of a trickster by recommending Akane go get her sister in the middle of the night to take the picture.

Episode Score

Flying Witch - 08 - Let Him In

Extra thoughts:
– It’s probably not ninjutsu.
Kenny is still the coolest cat around.
– You’re definitely not normal, Kei.
– And I just killed a ladybug earlier today…
– Chinatsu’s made-up conversation for the ladybugs was so fun.
– Akane is a bit of a deviant, and I like it.



2 thoughts on “Flying Witch 08

  1. YahariBento May 30, 2016 / 4:00 pm

    – Those little bug’s couple went out on a date in cafe!? Plus witch gave them the service with some flower! I never expect to witness this. These scenes made me open my mouth.
    – That black cloak lady made me think she is one of angel in evangelion.
    – And they provided us a fox who is regular customer and his usual is winter cherry! His face when eating those berries made me he is like Kenny in some way (his eyes).

    Ahhhh! I want these customers to appear in “Flying Witch Petit” too. It would be very interesting. And Akane finally appear in this short streaming anime I got in my post. Still, why does Kenny and Inukai not appear in Petit?


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