Mayoiga 09

People still believe in ghosts, and they’re going to use bamboo sticks to attack a bus. I can see why a lot of these characters don’t get their own title card in the OP.

“Freezing in the Moonlight”

I’m not going to even begin to try and understand why Judgeness no Jack (great name there) is a thing. It’s just another layer, adding on to a show that seems to be attempting to be complex and simple at the same time. Most of the crew has the message down that the monsters are based on their past hangups. So why shoot arrows at each other? Why stab someone you think is a ghost? Why plot so much? It just seems too clear what’s going on in this place – oh, other than the fact that it has no explanation.

As for the bus trip through the tunnel, the ‘monsters’ still seem to have some physicality to them. The others can feel when someone’s monster is attacking, yet can’t see them. I really don’t want this to be explained by supernatural means, but I also didn’t want the cast of Lost to just be dead the whole time. Sorry, spoilers on a decade old show there. I do hope that the explanation is quite the payoff in this series, because it’s heading in a direction where it could either fall flat, or completely surprise me.

Where did the bus driver go? That’s all I got on this section.

This second area of Nanaki, through the tunnel of apparent doom but apparently not serious doom, was definitely creepier than it’s counterpart. It seems to have seen a lot of action. Masaki notes the ‘sign’ carved in to a rock from possibly Reiji, but it really doesn’t make much sense. It’s not even really a warning about anything ahead of them. Nobody ever leaves a straight shooting, clear cut explanation when they’re either missing or dead. That’s just not how fiction works.

The Hayato (Speedstar) past reveal didn’t really make me feel anything for his character. He portrayed his parents in such an odd way. They were of course horrible and selfish, but he didn’t even seem to care about that. Even stranger, his actual fear doesn’t really tie in to his personality flaw like most of the other characters’ tend to. He doesn’t like creepy ghosts, and likes being a horrible person controlling a puppet friend. Props to Mitsumune for just straight up denying him the privilege any further. Hayato may be on the right track with Masaki in one way though, she can’t seem to just say what she knows or is thinking. At this point I’d be pretty surprised if any of it is worth keeping a secret and being distrusted over. None of it has been up to this point.

I’d like to guess what next week holds for us in this series, but I just can’t any more. The fact that the monsters seemed less powerful and almost funny was interesting, but also expected. In fact, I expected it two weeks ago and it’s been drawn out quite poorly. If I had to make a guess, Mitsumune wakes up from this crazy drug-induced and/or VR nightmare in a hospital, now that he’s overcome his mental instability. Might actually be a good twist.

Mayoiga - 09 - Wake Up.gif
The Matrix has you, Mitsumune.

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
My thoughts exactly, here.
– Mitsumune should try and keep it in his pants.
– Get to know Red XIII, I mean Nanaki.
– ‘You don’t know me’ cliche.
– Hayato is a horrible person.
– The music during the monster confrontation was amazingly weird.
– Valkana gets modern art as a monster.
– That’s what we need, more characters.
– Yet Lion remains criminally underused.

Next time: “Danger Past, God Forgotten”


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