Kiznaiver 08

The battle- I mean, love lines are drawn this week, quite literally! Is this experiment going as planned, or is the forceful hand of Sonozaki and her subordinates determining the outcome too heavily?

“Happy Times Don’t Tend to Last Very Long”

Well if it wasn’t clear from last week, they’re all friends now. And what do friends do? They go to photo booths and get cute stickers made! Pretty sure kids these days just scroll through Tumblr and Twitter, never actually seeing each other in person for months on end.

I’m oddly happy to see Gomorin back in the kidnapping business. They do it so well. It did kind of look like they took Niko minus most of her clothing from that photo booth. Not sure exactly why Yamada needs to abduct them any more, as he could just say ‘hey come here about all this important stuff you want to know’. Interesting that we received a kind of secondary exposition this late in the series.

Now that we know connecting pain was just a side effect of their true goal, to connect love and friendship, and that they’ve seen it working in action, the Kizuna group switches gear. I had all the pairings and triangles down before their explanation, and it was kind of fun watching them spell it out. The thing is, most of them work pretty well, and even the big trouble group is pretty easily sorted out. Niko and Tenga are a great match, and he even thinks she’s cuter in the sweater (she’s cute in anything so far). Yuta and Maki are pretty well set, too. Not quite sure how that turned out though in the episode. That leaves only one problem.

I understand Katsuhira and Sonozaki’s connection from the past – the show has hinted at it since the first episode. It doesn’t validate anything that Sonozaki, or Nori-chan’s been doing all this time though. She’s still a horrible person so far – despite being a victim of the system she is now using. But because of all of this, and the osananajimi curse, Chidori is bound to get the short end of the stick.

Although pairing them off by they observations made could be the most effective way to measure results, I feel like situation is being too heavily influenced by outside factors. Would Tenga really have taken a liking to Niko if not paired off with her? What if he were paired with Chidori? The fact that Sonozaki inserts herself in to the scene at the most opportune time is also suspect. She doesn’t even seem to have much of a concept of love in her mind right now, as she continually focuses on this ‘connection’ that probably doesn’t mean what she thinks it does. I’m really kind of hoping this show doesn’t go the cliche route and give Sonozaki a happy ending with Katsuhira. There just hasn’t been enough reason for it to matter to us, and if any show should try and break the mold, I would hope it would be one not beholden to one in the first place.

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Extra thoughts:
– Even anime characters can have bigger eyes.
– I wonder what the rest of the population thinks of Gomorin.
– What was Tenga even looking at here?
– Is Sonozaki just Satsuki Kiryuuin?
– Has she been connected to them the whole time? Or is that shining scar old?
– He is most definitely not inside of you right now.

Next time: “It’s All Over… I Think”

Kiznaiver - 08 - Next Time


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