Dragon Ball Super 44

Goten and Trunks end up on an unintended adventure. Could their misfortune lead to the end of all existence as we know it!? Stranger things have happened in this universe.

“Seal of Planet Potaufeu. Secret of the Superhuman Water!”

By this point I’m assuming that Monaka is the only delivery guy that works for whatever company it is that he works for. That, or he’s the only one they trust to go to Earth, the home of two of the universe’s strongest warriors and the women that control them. Not to mention the source of almost every major existential threat of recent memory. Monaka has turned in to a rather entertaining side character at this point. He even gets taken advantage of by Bulma just like everyone else. He’s got work to do! Just don’t let him near anything marked fragile, apparently.

It was fun seeing Trunks and Goten’s reactions to the situations they found themselves in. When locked in the back of Monaka’s truck, Trunks wisely decided not to just blow it up – his human side prevailed there. How about that sword, though? Of course Trunks would be drawn to a sword, and perhaps it was a little hint at what’s to come with the apparent coming of future Trunks. As for their ice-cubification in space, the young saiyans probably should have died, but this issue of space has always been a weird one in these stories.

That super water was held in a rather normal looking container – like something you would just take out of your fridge. I really wonder how they got that stuff in there in the first place? Finally some cool fighting happened, even if only for a moment. Goten and Trunks could hand those bad guy’s butts to them on a platter without much effort. They did have to be considerate of the others around them and the hostage – damn you Monaka.

I really didn’t expect this episode to go anywhere, as it seemed like just another filler (in an original anime series no less). When Vegeta showed up and beat back the attackers with no effort, it was just another father-son bonding moment. Well, until you see the pink water re-collect, in a very Buu-like fashion. You just know that’s never a good sign. My question is, how many times has Vegeta fallen victim to something sneaking up behind him? I’m sure it’s a lot.

Would an anti-Vegeta be a good guy, or has he turned around enough by now? Either way, the pink copy Vegeta now apparently has all of his power. That’s quite the problem, considering his super saiyan god status. That means there’s only one person who can likely stop this enemy, and that’s Goku. He looks to be back in good shape, nearly blowing up King Kai’s planet as per usual. Now how does one hurt power-absorbing water? Goku will have to use that big brain of his (uh-oh) again this time around.

J-san’s thoughts:

“Oh hey, nice transition from Goku’s energy blast to the ship flying through space. I can see you trying. Every so often it looks great, and a lot of other times it really doesn’t.

Episode Score
6.8/10 Cloudy
6/10 J-san

Dragon Ball Super - 044 - Young Future Trunks.gif
I see what you did there.

Extra thoughts:
– The legendary ring pop of power.
– Saiyans on ice.
– We’ll just leave Monaka here for now.
– What a well-secured fridge.
Goku was in this episode too!

Next time: “Vegeta Disappears!? The Threat of Fake Vegeta!”


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