Spring 2016 Weekly Reactions 07 (May 15-21)

The spring 2016 season is over the hump. Time for things to start getting real – or in good anime fashion, fantastically unreal!

As per usual, be sure to click on the episode titles to read the full review!

May 15, 2016

Dragon Ball Super 43 “Goku’s ki Is Out Of Control? Looking After Pan is A Lot Of Trouble!” – Welcome to the likely stretch of comic filler episodes that have very little consequence on the overall story. Goku has been powered down again, by a pretty convincing condition. He went too far with his kaio-ken abilities, and he’s paying for it in the ki equivalent of muscle strain. How long it might last, nobody knows. The comedy it set up was very well played – having Goku pop in to various locations around popular side characters. Former Emperor Pilaf and his crew make their appearance once again as the Team Rocket of Dragon Ball. Their plan makes little sense as per usual, and backfires horribly when they accidentally take Pan along with them. She gets to show off her newly found powers, rising to the occasion. Well, we know who’s going to be the next super Saiyan! Oh wait, she’s the only one left anyways. Let’s hope that Goku can pass the torch along to some of the younger fighters in the years to come.
Episode Scores: 6.2/10 Cloudy, 4/10 J-san

Dragon Ball Super - 043 - Pan Powers Up

Re: Zero 07 “Restart of Natsuki Subaru” – I enjoyed this episode, but I am also having a hard time feeling the consequence of Subaru’s actions – a common problem with reincarnation as a plot device. The whole episode built upon the possibility that he might not be reset a fourth time. A fact which he based on no evidence whatsoever. It’s a kind of unintended dramatic irony, where the audience understands that he will of course reset, because it’s only episode seven. The story of Rem and Ram is an odd one to say the least. Magical (and powerful) maids that want to protect Emilia, the household, and each other. The only thing that sells their distrust of Subaru would be the ‘witch’s smell’ on him, which I’m excited to find out more about. Too bad he can’t just up and tell them about his reincarnation! That would be too easy. Subaru seems to love all those around him despite knowing them for about 15 days max, and also based upon mostly false fronts of friendship from what we’ve been told. I assume Beatrice will be a strong ally in figuring out how to save his new friends and maybe even himself in the process.
Episode Score: 7.9/10

May 20, 2016

Mayoiga 08 “Visit Nanaki Before Doubting Masaki” – And you thought the mob mentality couldn’t get any crazier, huh? It seems like the majority of the group, with Nanko’s help, stumbled upon the moral of their trip and the story at large, then proceeded to do nothing about it. They all seem to realize that they’re seeing ‘monsters’ that represent problems in their past. See where this is going? Figure out your problems and you get to go home! It’s hard to believe a group of people could be so dumb, and so easily swayed by mob mentality that the craziest voices take precedent. So that bus driver – crazy as ever, huh? He didn’t get the memo that Masaki is probably not a ghost, and really just wants to see his daughter again. Interesting that he’s the only one actually searching out his ‘monster’. Not sure how he got the bus to the village, but stranger things have happened. One of the thought-to-be-dead characters even makes a return (no, not the bus). What else can happen in this series? We’ll have to wait it out.
Episode Score: 6.9/10

Mayoiga - 08 - The Bus Returns
The main character returns. Bus-san, our hero!

May 21, 2016

Kiznaiver 07 “A Battle Touching Upon the Identity of the Pain that’s Seven Times the Pain of One-Seventh of a Pain” – This week’s episode picks up the story of Maki and Ruru from where it left off. Maki had pretty good reason to be so down after the loss of her first true friend and companion, but she shouldn’t blame herself. Even more, she really shouldn’t deny any other possibility of new friendships because of her past – but everyone needs their time to heal. Fortunately, the kiznaivers are far beyond the realm of friends or even lovers, and Maki has probably known that for some time. Do we think Sonozaki will ever have that kind of connection? She’ll have to step up her game in the ‘being a good person’ department, because she has a long way to go! This series continues to be mostly about friendship and feelings – still no epic Studio TRIGGER style battles in sight.
Episode Score: 8.9/10

Kiznaiver - 07 - Too Close Friends
Oh, we got a hugger. Friends need space too!

Flying Witch 07 “Cafe Concrucio” – It’s good to see Nao again. Her take on the magical world as a complete outsider is always welcome. Her interactions with Chito were so cute. In fact, everyone’s interactions with Chito always seem to be really well done. It’s as if putting a cat in a scene makes me automatically like it! Also, Chito is a girl. Didn’t know that! The scenery up in the mountains was just splendid, and all of the food looked amazing, as usual. As for the cafe, you kind of wonder how many things are hiding right in front of you every day that you don’t realize. Also, the stereotype of the shy ghost holds up once again. Looking forward to seeing more of the secret mansion and Cafe Concrucio next week!
Episode Score: 9.3/10

Flying Witch - 07 - Fondling Chito
When in doubt, pet a cat. Just don’t judge it.


Things have been pretty busy this week. The Naruto Shippuden binge continues, moving in to the 12th(?) season! There’s not much to say about it yet, but I can’t wait to see Naruto take full control of the nine-tails’ power under Killer-Bee’s instruction.

Tune in next week for more reactions!


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