Kiznaiver 07

It can be quite strange to watch a group of people being friendly, yet admitting to not have any friends.  Sometimes you don’t even notice what’s right in front of you all along. Looking at you, Honoka Maki.

“A Battle Touching Upon the Identity of the Pain that’s Seven Times the Pain of One-Seventh of a Pain” (Wow…)

This week’s episode picks up the story of Maki and Ruru from where it left off. The whole gang goes to Ruru’s house, what appears to be a shrine bearing every aspect of her existence, to find out what the real deal was behind her death. Turns out it was just the typical terminal illness. In most cases I would say these kids are just being big snoops, failing to mind their own business – but as kiznaivers, the situation is very much a part of them. Niko may have gone a little far, but I can understand both sides.

So of course Maki didn’t actually kill Ruru. She merely abandoned her in the final moments of her life. Cold, but not unexpected. Ruru was coming on very strong and their connection was only deepening. Would you look forward to climbing out of a hole that deep when you know you’re going to be left in it all alone? Well the trick’s on Maki, because she was all the way down before she cut it off. The whole situation revolved around the final chapter of their manga, and the confirmation of the girls’ feelings for each other. Now if only Maki had actually read that chapter all that time ago instead of bottling it all up inside!

The quest for friendship was really noble and rather entertaining. How do these people not know that they’re already friends? They’re sitting around in Katsuhira’s apartment, talking about their feelings and issues, and they do so much else together as well! Hisomu’s line about none of them having any friends was amazing. So happy Chidori spoke up, she totally has friends! Well, Katsuhira at least.

Maki definitely realized the evolution of her relationship with all the other kiznaivers, but her past was holding her back from truly embracing it. She knew that they were already more than friends could ever be, in their situation. It was just a few words of encouragement, and the fact that her apprehension wouldn’t do anything to hold back the feelings of others that led to her change of heart. Even if she never told Ruru that she loved her (smile), Ruru’s feelings were set – no matter if she accepted it, abandoned her, or anything. The kiznaivers want to be her friend, and that feeling will be with them whether she agrees or not. (No still means no though, even if that feeling exists! Don’t force people! You’ll just have to live with it.)

I’m glad we didn’t get much of Sonozaki this week. Although everything turned out for the best, because plot, she still did a pretty terrible thing and also cancelled the movie deal! She’ll need to work on her personality a little to find that connection she’s been looking for. The connection I’m looking for though is Katsuhira and Chidori. They’re understanding each other better than ever now, and Chidori is loving Katsuhira more than she ever has. Something bad is bound to happen.

Episode Score

Kiznaiver - 07 - Too Close Friends.gif

Extra thoughts:
– Sorry Niko, your crying is just too cute.
– Don’t fake a seizure for you friend, especially if you are terminally ill.
– No means no means yes, for Tenga.
Such is the life of so many.
– What a sudden shift in weather.
– Was that Gomorin smoking through his eyes?
Listen to Chidori, kids. Don’t shoot fireworks at each other!
– Also probably not a good idea to go swimming like that
– There’s always that one friend.
– Next week’s episode sounds ominous.

This week in Gomorin:

Next time: “Happy Times Don’t Tend to Last Very Long”

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