Flying Witch 07

I wonder how many things are hidden in right in front of us every day that we fail to notice? Oh this show is too relaxing for morals like that – just watch and enjoy!

“Cafe Concrucio”

It’s good to see Nao again. Her take on the magical world as a complete outsider is always welcome. She’s like one of us! Well, one of you, maybe. Her interactions with Chito were so cute. In fact, everyone’s interactions with Chito always seem to be really well done. It’s as if putting a cat in a scene makes me automatically like it! Don’t call Chito fat though, or she* will let you know who’s boss. She’s actually the senpai in this situation! Totally not a granny.

The scenery up in the mountains was just splendid. Everything from the water to the ostrich ferns were spot on. These scenes continued the trend of Kei being an odd farmer and great housewife, and the general outdoorsy nature of the show. Nao wasn’t having much luck with animals this time around – first with Chito, then fearing bears, and dealing with slimy frogs. Hey, those could be poisonous! The best part about it was that Kei straight up tricked Makoto in to showing the frog to Nao. She should know not to believe him so easily any more!

We didn’t get to see much of Chinatsu training as a witch this week, but Nao definitely took note of it. I’d be wondering why I don’t get to learn magic too! Although for all the magic we keep hearing about, being a witch seems to be a pretty normal affair. The magic seems to be mostly auxiliary to their lives, like transportation, and keeping things secret so far. Despite their powers, they still sit around eating snacks and enjoying the day.

I expected the unknown cafe to have some sort of interesting trick to it. If magic is good for anything, it’s great at hiding places in plain sight. That decrepit mansion was pretty suspect though, and its ‘password’ was so simple! I’m really interested to know who owns it and what else goes on in there. Perhaps Chinatsu and Makoto have a lot to learn in the coming episodes.

The ghost waitress just had to be shy about her appearance. It was kind of mean for Makoto to make her visible without her knowing, but it was also so cute! Also, that’s the first time I think we’ve seen Makoto successfully use magic in the way it was properly intended. As for Kei, I don’t really blame him for being afraid of ghosts, but it would also be an interesting confirmation of life after death. This ghost seems to have a nice life, and can interact with physical objects! There are always drawbacks to being immortal, but she seems to have a pretty good deal!

Episode Score

Flying Witch - 07 - Fondling Chito.gif

Extra thoughts:
– The color orange continues to look great.
– Chito has been eating too many Cheetos.
– Wait, Chito is a she!? I guess that makes sense.
– This show makes me hungry.
– Also known as fiddle-heads.
– “It’s better to drink beer at lunch“, role model Akane.
– Akane was humming the theme song. It’s magic.
– Cats are just so cute.
– Ghosts are always shy.

After the ending:



2 thoughts on “Flying Witch 07

  1. YahariBento May 24, 2016 / 9:57 am

    – haha, I like how Nao made Chito-san happy and angry in one episode. I feel refreshed just watched this.

    – It’s more refresh to see some sweet bakery too. Look yummy! I should not watch this when it’s nighttime but too late. ;3

    – So I want Nao and Chito-san to have fun talk again in “Flying Witch Petit” I ever mentioned in my blog. I hope they will order bakery again in Petit.


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