Mayoiga 08

And you thought the mob mentality couldn’t get any crazier, huh? Sorely mistaken if you did. This show hit the ground running with people acting upon insane theories a few episodes ago, and doesn’t look to be letting up any time soon!

“Visit Nanaki Before Doubting Masaki”

It seems like the majority of the group, with Nanko’s help, stumbled upon the moral of their trip and the story at large, then proceeded to do nothing about it. They all seem to realize that they’re seeing ‘monsters’ that represent problems in their past. That’s part one. Masaki doesn’t seem to be seeing any monsters, possibly because she has no traumatic events in her past (other than Nanaki village itself). That’s part two. Oh, and Masaki has escaped the village before! That would be the third and final clue to the whole purpose of what is going on. Think they could put those together in to some kind of narrative? Doubt it.

The antics of the mob were just as, if not more, out of control than usual. It’s hard to believe a group of people could be so dumb, and so easily swayed by mob mentality that the craziest voices take precedent. Actually, that kind of sounds like all of the recent political problems the world is facing. Of course there’s the US elections, but also Canada’s #elbowgate, Brazil and the Olympics, Venezuela, European recessions, the resurgence of fascist ideals worldwide, just China as a whole, and oh you get the point. There are many dumb people in many systems causing many problems. This show is a great microcosm of that sentiment.

Masaki’s little backstory, obviously believable to the audience because why show us it if it’s not, introduced the twist of her reason to be on the tour and in Nanaki village. I would say well played if it is all just a lie, but I doubt that would improve this show in the slightest. The whole explanation makes perfect sense. Her traumatic past just is Nanaki village. She can’t very well see that as a monster when it’s already always around her.

So that bus driver – crazy as ever, huh? He didn’t get the memo that Masaki is probably not a ghost, and really just wants to see his daughter again. Interesting that he’s the only one actually searching out his ‘monster’. Not sure how he got the bus to the village, but stranger things have happened.

Koharun and Valkana seem to be a thing, now. Neither of them seem particularly quick to side with the mob’s insanity, so they decide to work together to figure out what’s actually going on. I just still can’t believe that a bunch of people, probably with brains in their heads, were plotting ways to stop a bus. It’s a bus. It drove away. They were talking as if it were an escaped animal. If someone stole my things and drove away in a car, I wouldn’t plot to run it off the road or pop it’s tires – I would be watching it drive away from me at an uncatchable speed. Either way, Valkana and Koharun do find something on their journey – a totally not dead character returns!

I’m definitely not sure where this show is going, and I am definitely going to stick it out to see how it comes together (if at all). I’m understanding the setup for the moral of the story, but if the explanation is just purely supernatural, this being a village to fix people with traumatic pasts, I’ll be sorely disappointed. But for now, I’ll just keep watching as if it were a comedy!

Mayoiga - 08 - The Bus Returns.gif
The main character returns!

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– Your prince is in another village.
You don’t need a face, right?
– Actually on the Lost island.
– Talk about jumping to conclusions. Just because she said her cousin wasn’t in this village doesn’t make it a fact that there must be others like it.
– Her story is too vague! I’ll just make up an irrelevant hypothetical instead.
– Someone needs to seal Lovepon’s mouth shut.
– Why does Nanko keep rubbing her side?
– Hey, I vaguely remember you.
– More shots of Lion this week, despite her not doing anything.

Next time: “Freezing in the Moonlight”


2 thoughts on “Mayoiga 08

  1. YahariBento May 21, 2016 / 12:47 pm

    It appeared there’re 4-5 men still want to pursue that bus and leave from village. They don’t mind to run away from reality again & again but never tried to think monster they want to escape, came from their memories.

    – I wonder how Oji-san retrieve bus (it fell to the cliff and everyone can’t lift it) or this is another bus?

    – I’m glad there still have sane people over there and didn’t try to corner Masaki and hurt Mitsumune and her.

    – Where does that Oji-san who drove a van? He would live in another village, I guess and someone there would save Reiji, I wonder.

    – Someone should bring Lovepon to hospital.

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