Spring 2016 Weekly Reactions 06 (May 8-14)

We’re already half way through the season! It’s time for the drama to unfold, pasts to be dug up, and be completely relaxed. Oh, that last one is of course Flying Witch.

Flying Witch - 06 - 24 Magic Spell Patience
A perfect setup for anime consumption.

As per usual, click on the show title for the full review of this week’s episode. More thoughts and tons of pictures await you there.

May 8, 2016

Dragon Ball Super 42 “A Messy Victory Party! Showdown, At Last!? Monaka vs. Son Goku!” – The tournament was won, so now there must be a party hosted by the Briefs! Yes, her name is literally Bloomer (Bulma) Briefs – think about all the others for a moment. The last party she hosted nearly destroyed the universe. This was mostly a comical affair though – the low stakes continue! Every character has their defining traits on display in this episode. Bulma was my favorite though. She’s going to say what she wants, when she wants to – and she’s going to have it her way. If there’s anyone who gets to bully Beerus around, it’s her. Goku remains legendarily stupid in this episode. I don’t know if I would want him to be training and getting more powerful. Sure he’s sometimes the best bet for saving the day, but some day he’s definitely going to ruin everything. Looking forward to the Pan episode next week.
Episode Score: 7.1/10 Cloudy, 6.5/10 J-san

Dragon Ball Super - 042 - Puar Beerus

Re:Zero 06 “The Sound of Chains”– Another alternate version of events at the Roswaal manor – and Subaru finally decided not to be a butler! Turns out that changes quite a bit of his interactions with the other characters. It downplayed his ability to interact with Rem & Ram, but left us with more time to experience Beatrice. This was pretty fortunate, as it allowed Subara to learn a few extra things, and take in more of her fantastically harsh tone. Emilia continues to be too easy, even by her own and Puck’s admission. Even Subaru expected some apprehension with the kinds of things he says to her. Story time with Ram was far more interesting – apparently this show has a ‘she who must not be named’, and dragons. The twist at the end was quite something – her hair almost looked purple in that light. I hope the two of them combine in to one purple-haired super maid!
Episode Score: 7.9/10

Re Zero - 06 - Beatrice is Short.gif
Being short is tough, even when you’re magic.

May 13, 2016

Mayoiga 07 “When the Cat’s Away, The Mice Will Play Mischief” – I guess none of these people believe in innocent until proven guilty? The cliff-hanger was resolved with some information – and more questions. We find out why drove Mitsumune to this adventure. His brother was named Tokimune, not the penguin. On that note, are these ‘monsters’ just apparitions, illusions, or actually physically present. It totally punched Mitsumune after Masaki just walked through it! So much for facing your fears and pains being the moral of this story – he tried that, and it didn’t work. As for the others, they thought it was about time for a straight up witch hunt. I think we’ve come to a point in society that it’s never OK to tie someone to a crucifix and see if they die when you stab them. Just putting that out there. Good thing Lion-chan might be around to save the day. Nothing of real consequence happened and no answers have been provided. We’ll have to see next week if we’re worthy!
Episode Score: 7.4/10

Mayoiga - 07 - 26 The Mob
They have no limits to their insanity.

May 14, 2016

Kiznaiver 06 “Nothing Good Comes From Being Around All Of You” – Instant physical pain was one problem, but it didn’t last nearly as long as the pain of the heart. The summer trip to the mountains is over (that was quick) and the Kiznaivers are more connected than ever. That means it’s time to delve in to everyone’s problems and share the pain! Enter Maki Honoka, and her troubling past. Honoka’s story is an exceptional one at that. Honoka didn’t exactly kill her friend, but from what we can tell so far is that she feels responsible. Ruru seemed to be barely hanging on by a thread emotionally and possibly physically – if Honoka was her best friend, she probably feels like she was the only one who could save Ruru. Too bad Sonozaki is far too invested in her experiment to care about digging up painful emotions. Katsuhira gives her a good talking to about it too! The team comes to Honoka’s rescue though, and they grow a little closer in their understanding of each other. Just one question – what genre is this show again?
Episode Score: 8.3/10

Kiznaiver - 06 - Feel the Pain
The morning after an intense party in the mountains.

Flying Witch 06 “Trick or Treat” – Finally some flying in this show about flying witches! Makoto may be a little too honest about the details though. Good thing she’s got a playful older sister willing to give her a few pointers. Akane exclaims how cute Chinatsu is and asks if she can have her – a statement that Chinatsu masterfully turns around on her. She wants to be a witch too! It’s about time. Apparently it’s not impossible for someone not born a witch to become one, it just takes training. That’s good news, because Chinatsu is now surrounded by witches. Kei continues to hold down the relaxed and carefree older brother fort. Akane pulls some magical tricks out of her bag, and everyone has a pretty good time (except maybe Makoto -_-,). Shout out to the Kuramoto parents for being so accepting, and so entertaining! Can’t wait to see what kinds of things Chinatsu will learn as Akane’s apprentice. Probably a lot more than Makoto!
Episode Score: 9.5/10

Flying Witch - 06 - Teach Me Sensei
Yeaaaah! Teach me, sensei.


Aldnoah Zero Season Two 02 – Those gund- I mean kataphrakt battles are spot on. The best thing going for this series, that’s for sure. The characters have gone in such strange directions from the first season, it’s almost comical. Of course, Inaho’s new bionic nature is played for laughs at times – once again, don’t ever comment on a girl’s weight. His crazy super powers are something else though. Just because you get a bionic eye doesn’t mean you can suddenly do intense calculations faster than you could before just because you have the raw data! As for Slaine, he’s gone completely off the deep end. It just all seems like an excuse to continue the war. If Slaine actually did what the princess (Aseylum) wanted, there would be peace. He has the power. He still has the tech. Why is he doing all of these things and still admitting, in front of Aseylum’s floating body, that she probably wouldn’t approve!? Logic isn’t really his strong suit. Why do him and Inaho even hate each other?
Episode Score: 4.5/10 + 3 bonus points for pew pew cool robots kaboom space stuff. 7.5/10

Naruto Shippuden Binge: Assembly of the Five Kage cont. – Almost done this season now, and I’m at the part where Sakura is being a complete idiot about her apparently undying love for Sasuke. Time to get over him. He’s a terrorist, murderer, and traitor. Maybe she’ll turn it around in an amazing reveal, but as long as Sasuke is still alive she seems bent on pining for him. Worse yet, did she have to try and trick Naruto in to thinking she loved him? She might have some feelings for him, but don’t do that. Just don’t. You don’t even deserve to be his friend if you’re going to do that. Props to Kakashi and Gaara for handling pretty much everything perfectly throughout this arc. Danzo was more interesting than I expected him to be, and that battle was intense.
Binge Score: Sakura gets a 1/10 in the friendship category. Kakashi gets a 10/10 for being so Hot-ake. The five kages get a 5/10 for there being five of them. Keep up with the Naruto binge here.

See you again next week!


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