Flying Witch 06

If you were surrounded by magic users every day as a kid, what would you ask for? We all know what the answer to that is.

“Trick or Treat”

Finally some flying in this show about flying witches! Makoto may be a little too honest about the details though. Good thing she’s got a playful older sister willing to give her a few pointers. Akane has been a real shining point for this series so far – bringing a little extra life and comedy to spice things up. She seems to enjoy her time at the Kuramoto house, and would love to take away Chinatsu with her – she’s just so cute! Kei will have to ask the parents first to approve that.

That kind of statement lead to the realization of the obvious conclusion I had from episode one. Chinatsu wants to be come a witch, and Akane pretty much set the table for her. Hey, if she’s cute enough to take with you, might as well have her as your little apprentice too, Akane. There seem to be a few drawbacks, but also a lot of opportunity as a witch. I just loved how she went to ask her parents, and they were totally for whatever she wanted to do. I have a feeling she’ll be a great witch indeed – or at least better than Makoto.

I’m still not sure how Kei can go about his normal days around the house without being a little more excited about magic. He’s just fine with picking weeds and watching movies, when the girl sitting next to him could probably blow things up in real life. When the magic of the episode causes a bit of a ruckus, he just wishes they could be quiet while he watches his movies! The whole situation does really lend to how relaxed everything is, and Kei fits in perfectly in the background because of it.

Akane is definitely a good choice for a teacher. She always seems to know just what to do in the moment. Trusting the magical items that she produces might be a different matter. She did turn someone in to a dog-person for a year! The magic spell we see this time around is a great test of patience, and a way to build on some simple practices like the pentagram. It also features some rather entertaining effects. Makoto is a perfect test-subject for the crying pocky, and Chinatsu even volunteers to see what the other item does! It’s great to be curious and adventurous when you’re learning something new.

The Kuramoto parents, Nana and Keiji, deserve a shout-out. They’re just so fun and supportive each and every day. Even if Chinatsu doesn’t become a witch (she most definitely will), her life will be full of opportunity and freedom. I can only hope that going forward, Chinatsu gets to follow her new found dream of becoming a full-fledged witch! Akane hinted at some possible conflict, but it just doesn’t really register in this show so far. The good times just keep on rolling in Flying Witch – all the way until we have a flying Chinatsu!

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– “Flying for a long time really hurts my butt and groin.”
– The struggles of a witch.
– What a strange conversation. Right, Kei?
– Pumpkin carriage, toy soldiers, and a candy house that eats people…
– Magic isn’t all that flashy in the beginning.
Kei isn’t easily impressed.
– The actually make a pretty cute couple
– She really loves beef stew..
– Chito and Kenny didn’t appreciate the comments on their smoothness.
– All the mom points go to Nana Kuramoto.

Flying Witch - 06 - Teach Me Sensei.gif
Teach me, sensei.

The Chito and Kenny gallery!

End card:

Flying Witch - 06 - End Card
Too cute it makes me cry!



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