Dragon Ball Super 43

Is there such thing as filler in an anime original series? Of course there is! I would probably watch a Piccolo and Pan spin-off series instead.

“Goku’s ki Is Out Of Control? Looking After Pan is A Lot Of Trouble!”

Welcome to the likely stretch of comic filler episodes that have very little consequence on the overall story. I’m generally entertained by what’s been happening in these episodes, but it also makes me worry that the new arc could be starting next week, or in 50 weeks. You may have heard what kinds of things are in store for the series in the future, but there’s also the King of Everything’s tournament that they keep hinting at.

Goku has been powered down again, by a pretty convincing condition. He went too far with his kaio-ken abilities, and he’s paying for it in the ki equivalent of muscle strain. How long it might last, nobody knows. The comedy it set up was very well played – having Goku pop in to various locations around popular side characters. As for the destruction of their house, again, how many times has that been now? They’re pretty well off as a family though, with the 100 million zeni or whatever that was, as well as the in-laws being the Satan family. And with that the Son family goes to live with Gohan and Videl!

Piccolo is being used as a total comic relief character. I know it’s fun to play against a character’s established type, but really we kind of just assume anything could happen with them nowadays. Piccolo has changed so much since his early days, and it’s been a fun evolution. Was this where we thought he would be? Oh he’s already been at this point, actually. Taking care of Gohan as a kid. That was a little more brutal, but times change. Cute babies are probably his weakness anyway. Too bad he’ll never know that his name was the first she said!

Former Emperor Pilaf and his crew make their appearance once again as the Team Rocket of Dragon Ball. Their plan seemed a little convoluted and banked on the possibility that their store-bought machine could overcome any of the Z fighters at all. That thing ain’t no android. But it did set us up for some fun with baby Pan! The fact that none of the Pilaf crew, despite being the ‘origin of all evil’, couldn’t throw Pan overboard was amazing. I almost feel sorry for them at this point. They’ve had such a hard time since turning in to kids, and they can only seem to manage to screw things up. They should probably just take their beating from a baby and start making more sound investments with their money.

Pan seems like a good option for entertaining storylines as she grows up. The heartfelt bonding moment between grandpa Goku and Pan was built up pretty heavily, and it had a super cute effect when she was up among the stars. Her ‘epic powerup’ face was a little odd, and didn’t make too much sense though. I understand that Saiyans get their power from anger a lot, but it just didn’t seem to fit. We do kind of get a bigger picture from Pan powering up and Goku losing his power a bit through this episode. King Kai even suggest that Goku take a break from getting stronger. There are new generations of Saiyans to take over! They may have screwed up Gohan, but Goten and Trunks are still young!

Thoughts from J-san:

Remember when Piccolo used to murder people? So did space, now that I think about it.

Episode Score:
6.2/10 Cloudy
4/10 J-San

Extra thoughts:
– That is an insane amount of food.
Some references are even too far in the past for me.
– God of Destruction music for Chichi.
– Khaaaaan! I mean, Paaaaan!
– Why didn’t they die in the upper atmosphere?
– We need a female super Saiyan. Go for it Pan!
– Time to pass the torch, Goku.

Dragon Ball Super - 043 - Pan Powers Up.gif

Next time: “Seal of Planet Potaufeu. Secret of the Superhuman Water!”


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