Kiznaiver 06

Instant physical pain was one problem, but it didn’t last nearly as long as the pain of the heart. I can see the Kiznaivers just feeling gloomy for most of the rest of this series.

“Nothing Good Comes From Being Around All Of You”

The summer trip to the mountains is over (that was quick) and the Kiznaivers are more connected than ever. That means it’s time to delve in to everyone’s problems and share the pain! Chidori’s issue with Katsuhira seemed pretty serious at the time, but the stakes have to be upped to further the progress of Sonozaki’s strange experiment. Enter Maki Honoka, and her troubling past.

Honoka’s story is an exceptional one at that. Revealed to us through the realization of her somewhat-admirer, Yuta. Pretty lucky that she used a line on him straight from the manga she wrote, and her picture is kind of on a poster. Talk about observant though. It was also nice that his concern for her is what brought everything together – they’re going to be such a cute/angry couple. Honoka didn’t exactly kill her friend, but from what we can tell so far is that she feels responsible. Ruru seemed to be barely hanging on by a thread emotionally and possibly physically – if Honoka was her best friend, she probably feels like she was the only one who could save Ruru. She definitely doesn’t want to repeat the situation ever again.

This is all compounded by the fact that the publisher of the hit manga Honoka and Ruru created together is getting a movie deal. That seemed to be evident when Ruru was still alive, but it’s taken an interesting turn from there. The sudden requirement for a documentary about the creators seems to be a rather obvious attempt by Sonozaki to force out Honoka’s emotions on the matter. It’s the easiest way, with money, to turn Honoka’s situation in favor of the experiment. What a low blow.

The rest of the cast is getting along pretty well. They seem to hang out like friends, minus the ever-popular Yuta. Hisomu has taken to living with Katsuhira as well, for some reason. Niko has been one of my surprisingly favorite characters over the past few episodes with how honest she is about what’s going on. Beyond that, she also seems to have a certain concern for the group that is just too cute. She wants to be strange and an individual, but she also wants everyone around her to be happy by the looks of it. Just as long as she doesn’t sacrifice her own happiness to attain that outcome.

It was good to see the whole gang come to Honoka’s ‘rescue’. If the whole city were, say, hooked up to the Kizuna system, would there be any harassing editors or bullies or laughing onlookers? Probably not, actually. If everyone shared in the pain, they would be a lot less likely to do something harmful to others, emotionally or physically. Now the concept of dividing pain comes in to question. If Honoka’s emotional pain was split seven ways, what would happen if it were split a million ways. Nobody would ever feel anything noticeable, ever. Instead of understanding each other, there would just be nothing to understand anymore. The world would become completely neutral and apathetic, kind of like Sonozaki has outwardly been so far. Let’s wait and see what’s hiding on the inside.

The consequences of Sonozaki’s actions were finally pushed back at her – when Katsuhira tells her off so simply for what she’s been doing. Disappointed is one of the most powerful words to stick in someone’s head. Messing with other people’s emotions just to further your experiment is bad practice in its own right, but far worse when they didn’t even volunteer for it! We’re half way through, and the relationship of Katsuhira and Sonozaki has been strained. Probably means we’re going to get an explanation of her past and the problems she has faced in an attempt to redeem her or allow for some sympathy.

Episode Score

Extra thoughts:
– “Have a bun to calm your buns.
– Sonozaki mentioned other people’s buns at least twice.
– Don’t be sad Niko. I’ll be your friend!
– Like every other group friends, they always gather to eat.
– Don’t belittle Chidori’s pain just because Honoka’s was worse!
– Film crews are jerks, apparently.

Kiznaiver - 06 - Feel the Pain.gif
What did they eat last night?

Next time: “A Battle Touching Upon the Identity of the Pain that’s Seven Times the Pain of One-Seventh of a Pain”



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