Mayoiga 07

Mob mentality continues to reign supreme. I guess none of these people believe in innocent until proven guilty?

Still hanging on that cliff from two weeks ago? Good. And this time Mitsumune and Masaki actually confront the monster. I’m not exactly sure what to call it now other than just a penguin (that may also be his mom). The flashback to Mitsumune’s childhood explained what he is running away from pretty clearly. His twin brother Tokimune died in an accident and his mother couldn’t handle the loss – opting to just replace the lost son’s existence with the surviving one. It’s extra horrible that Mitsumune’s existence must not have meant enough to his mother that she doesn’t even realize he is now the missing one.

So the giant penguin monster makes sense as something worth running away from in spirit, but we also needed to know if it was actually threatening. Masaki manages to pass right through it, likely because it’s not her fear. Oddly enough though, they don’t run with the ‘once you confront your fear it can’t hurt you’ mantra. Mitsumune gets straight up wrecked by that thing’s fist. On one side I’m glad it deviates from the obvious trope, but on the other how do you confront these things if they are physically present and dangerous?

For a moment I believed that the show was actually trying to sell Masaki as a ghost, but a few characters still aren’t fully buying it. It’s so crazy to think that a group of that size could come to a consensus that ghosts exist, and that one is making their lives hell. They’ve seen some weird stuff, sure, but come on. Hayato (Speedstar) turns out to be one of the worst offenders in this episode, as even after cutting Masaki and seeing her bleed, he still wants to kill her for seducing Mitsumune. Something she didn’t even really do, Hayato is just an ass.

Although the mob mentality is pretty strong with this group, there are some dissenters. Lion-chan among them! She still claims to see dead people, an odd yet not totally unbelievable prospect considering how this show has gone so far. Koharun seems to be on the side of reason still, with Dahara preferring to go with the flow. No wonder she doesn’t really get along with him that well. When you see somebody tied to a stake like a witch and about to be tortured, there is something seriously wrong with you if you let it continue, no matter the circumstance.

So what’s my theory on this whole thing? That it will end like Lost did. Poorly and without much explanation. Or quite literally, in that the characters are all already dead and just facing their final misgivings before they pass on. There’s even a tunnel that Masaki tells Mitsumune she’ll be waiting on the other side of once he confronts his fear. Oddly enough, he confronted that fear and was beaten back. Not yet worthy I guess? Perhaps going back to the old world as Masaki mentioned is a kind of reincarnation. Do I think all of this is plausible? Yes. Do I think it’s a very good idea? Nope. There’s still time to be twisted in another direction, and pleasantly surprised.

Episode Score

Mayoiga - 07 - Lion Smile
The only time I smiled this episode.

Extra thoughts:
– Even before the accident, not exactly mom-of-the-year.
– So they’re not illusions, and actually exist?
– Execute the scape-ghost!
– Oh, she bleeds. Still execute!
– This better not be the anti-Angel Beats.
– Another cliff-hanger! Just what this show needs.

Next time: “Visit Nanaki Before Doubting Masaki”



2 thoughts on “Mayoiga 07

  1. YahariBento May 14, 2016 / 8:18 am

    I wrote comment somewhere this anime is like corpse party and another but I think it’s like “Silent Hill – Homecoming” the most.

    Silent Hill is game that the main protagonist will need to confront to the most fear in their hearts in the end of the game (except silent hill 1). And Home Coming is one of series in SH that I think it connects with Mitsumune the most, because SH Home Coming and Mitsmune’s past are similar.

    – The protagonist in Home Coming has younger brother who their father cherished him more than older brother. One day, the accident happened, his younger brother fell to the river because he quarreled with protagonist in the boat. This result made him can’t handle this and lost memories about his brother and moved away from his town. After few years, he came back to his hometown and the final fear he needs to confront is about his lost back then.

    – Mitsumune can’t stand he is substitute of Tokimune. He is jealous of his twin, Tokimune because he is troublesome kid but always receive love from their mother. His twin is her fav. After Tokimune’s dead, his mother still see his twin is more important than him and forced him to be Tokimune for her. His father is not different, didn’t want to hurt her so he needs to hurt Mitsumune endlessly.

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