Spring 2016 Weekly Reactions 05

Spring is definitely here. How do I know? Cherry blossoms everywhere.

Flying Witch - 05 - Cherry Blossoms

As per usual, click on the show titles to go read the full review for this week’s episode! Many pictures and extra thoughts await you there.

May 1, 2016

Dragon Ball Super 41 – It’s an end of a saga. A rather short one at that! That may have been the shortest main canon story in Dragon Ball history, but we’re living in different times. Even after only 12 or so episodes, the plot started to drag on me when the consequences felt so low and everything was so comical. The tournament just didn’t have the greatest of stakes. Good thing we might be getting another inconsequential tournament to follow this one! The King of Everything is an entertaining concept, but kind of showing the series’ cards too soon. As for Beerus’ wish with the super dragon balls? Probably my favourite part of the series so far. It was oh so sweet and definitely unexpected, but also solved everyone’s problems! Who knows where it will go from here…
Episode Scores: 6.6/10 Cloudy, 5.2/10 J-san

Re:Zero 05 – This episode really didn’t confirm or deny anything, but it did offer a bit of character development to (almost) all of the players involved. Rem is the one with the blue hair, right? She’s definitely a standout – the dere to Ram’s tsun. Their little date in to town, as noted by Emilia, elicited the happiest of smiles. We didn’t get much from Emilia this time around, but she seems pretty accepting of Subaru. He didn’t think it would be so easy to just ask a girl out on a date. My real question is why did he not take advantage a little more? I know he wanted to go on a date with Emilia, but he didn’t need to be a butler to get to that point. Some rather scandalous scenes with Roswaal aside, it was a pretty calm affair. Was Subaru poisoned, and that’s why he died in his sleep? Clearly it didn’t work so cleanly this time, and the killer had to be a bit more direct. Who has it in for our hero? Only one person makes the food…
Episode Score: 7.8/10

Re Zero - 05 - Rem Smiling.gif

May 6, 2016

Mayoiga 06 – More questions than answers, this week – again. The cliffhanger from last week didn’t even resolve! They were still running in the final scene! That’s some gutsy direction right there. The flashbacks to describe each person’s greatest fear were well timed and quite well done, but it could get super tiring if they trot this out for every one of the characters. I kind of hope Lion’s fear is lions though. As for the theory that Masaki is a ghost, that news article with no picture (and no date given) could be a complete hit or miss. She did have something important to tell Mitsumune, but I guess we’ll find out next week! Maybe.
Episode Score: 6.9/10

May 7, 2016

Kiznaiver 05 – It’s not a summer retreat to the mountains without a test of bravery – and a girls in the bath scene, apparently. This series has been presenting an odd mix of genres to a somewhat pleasing degree. It’s got slice-of-life, comedy, romance, action, and suspense – all in a pretty good mix. I still don’t really know what direction that might be giving it, but it’s a fun experience each week. There was a lot of interesting romantic tension flying around in this episode. Tenga plays Chidori’s wing-man, Niko might be a little jealous, Yuta and Honoka are on a whole other level, and the Katsuhira-Sonozaki-Chidori triangle is all sorts of tense. Although there’s a clear winner in this week’s battle. What kind of crazy things will Urashibara and Yamada do to this kids down the line?
Episode Score: 8.9/10

Kiznaiver - 05 - Endless Gomorin
Fear the Gomorin invasion.

Flying Witch 05 – Chito-san takes Chinatsu and Makoto on separate adventures! Cat lovers rejoice, this is your kind of episode. Absolutely nothing of consequence happened in this episode, and it was amazing!  For the first time in a while it stuck to the main cast, and worked with them all perfectly. Better yet, Chito-san was star of the show! The parallels between Makoto and Chinatsu’s adventures were fantastic, and seeing the different responses to the things that Chito found interesting was good fun. The competing themes of this episode were adventure and laziness. There were some of the most relaxing moments yet this week, with Akane pretty much always sleeping, and Kei just reading his book about space cats. All of the environments, the details of the house, it’s all just so well put together – and the music sets a perfect tone for what the show is trying to accomplish. It felt like a sunny summer Sunday.
Episode Score: 9.9/10


Naruto Shippuden Binge: The Five Kage Summit (Season 10) – I’ve only made it through about half of the season so far, but it’s definitely gripping. Naruto is still a bit of a whiny brat, even after saving the village and becoming everyone’s hero. Every one on Team 7 should know by now that Sasuke probably isn’t redeemable, at least from what we’ve seen up to this point. So what if he’s your friend – he’s a murdering crazy man! If my best frienemy just up and went rogue, killing people and plotting destroy my home town, I probably wouldn’t hold much love for them. It was nice to see Sai rat out Naruto’s feelings to Sakura. She realizes how dumb she’s acted towards him all these years (although a lot of it is also Naruto’s fault), but damn was that confession crazy. I’m under the impression that she totally means it, but still has a soft spot for Sasuke. That one who got away (literally). Naruto acted like a straight up jerk though. Just got to Madara/Tobi’s explanation of his plan – because all villains have to explain themselves – and it’s pretty evil. Why are ocular jutsu the big deal? Do you even need crazy eyes with the ten-tails inside of you?
Score? Filler-skipping-satisfaction/10.

Naruto Shippuden 206 - Coolest Way to Travel
The coolest way to travel.


Didn’t get to anything else this week – except Captain America: Civil War, which you must all go see, and bask in the perfection of the MCU. They need all of your money to keep up the insanity. You should have saved up by skipping Batman v Superman. Yeah, you heard me.


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