Flying Witch 05

Chito-san takes Chinatsu and Makoto on separate adventures! Cat lovers rejoice, this is your kind of episode.

Absolutely nothing of consequence happened in this episode, and it was amazing!  For the first time in a while it stuck to the main cast, and worked with them all perfectly. Better yet, Chito-san was star of the show! If I haven’t communicated my love for cats clearly enough by the end of this post, I don’t know what you were reading.

Chinatsu is so enthralled by the witching world and what secrets it holds. I am under the firm belief that Chito is much more than meets the eye. He is a familiar after all, not just an ordinary cat! If I saw him going out on his own, I would be compelled to follow along too and see what kinds of magical things happen.

OK nothing truly magical happens, but that takes on a bit of a different meaning when you’re a kid. It’s the unknown that drives you, and Chinatsu suddenly knows that there is a lot more unknown out there than she originally had imagined. That and Chito is pretty cool in his own right. He finds creepy faces, the town’s shrine, a dog to torment, and some kids’ hidden treasure. As Chinatsu approached the spot she assumed Chito cast a spell on, she fell in to a ninja trap telling her to stay away. I know it was the kids’ doing, but I also want to be convinced that Chito did it. There’s a certain magic there.

As Chinatsu arrives home for lunch, I think we get the idea that Chito knew she was following the whole time. And with his survey done, he was ready to guide Makoto around on a tour of the town. She really can’t seem to be trusted on her own – despite drawing a map of, somewhere, one time.

The parallels between Makoto and Chinatsu’s adventures were fantastic, and seeing the different responses to the things that Chito found interesting was good fun. That was super mean to stand just out of reach of the dog, with all that freedom, but I totally approve. Makoto loved the falling petals too, but was oblivious to the caterpillar. She also got to meet up with Nao – who was delivering sake. I’m wondering how many people in town don’t know that there are witches flying around at this point.

The competing themes of this episode were adventure and laziness. There were some of the most relaxing moments yet this week, with Akane pretty much always sleeping, and Kei just reading his book about space cats. All of the environments, the details of the house, it’s all just so well put together – and the music sets a perfect tone for what the show is trying to accomplish. It felt like a sunny summer Sunday.

Episode Score

Flying Witch - 05 - Ruffling Chito.gif

Extra thoughts:
– Perfect! Except nothing really happened…
– Chito GPS.
– I want to read that book series, Kei.
– Nao doesn’t have anyone she likes? Yeah right.
– Too bad Kenny didn’t make an appearance. Where was he napping?

Flying Witch - 05 - Dirty Chinatsu Full
Adventure takes its toll… on clothing.

Full Size Here


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