Dragon Ball Super 42

The tournament was won, so now there must be a party hosted by the Briefs! Can Goku ever go to a party without having to fight someone?

Did Bulma invite Beerus and Whis to her party by yelling in to the sky? There must be a better form of communication than that. She should also know that nothing good ever comes from her parties. The last one nearly destroyed the universe. This was mostly a comical affair though – the low stakes continue!

Every character has their defining traits on display in this episode. Bulma was my favorite though. She’s going to say what she wants, when she wants to – and she’s going to have it her way. If there’s anyone who gets to bully Beerus around, it’s her. I just love how afraid Vegeta is every time she says something crazy. He might be one of the most powerful beings in the universe, but Vegeta can’t even come close to matching the bad-ass power that is his wife.

I’m also glad Mr. Satan (Hercule) is also still hanging around. He’s found his way in to the strangest family on the planet, if not the universe. We’ll be seeing more of Pan next week too! But in this instance, Monaka is the perfect recruit/symbol for his gym. A complete lie. It’s even more amazing that I can’t be sure if he knew Monaka was faking it at the tournament, and that Mr. Satan just thinks he’s a good actor, or if he actually believes he is super strong. Both are funny in their own way.

Goku remains legendarily stupid in this episode. I don’t know if I would want him to be training and getting more powerful. Sure he’s sometimes the best bet for saving the day, but some day he’s definitely going to ruin everything. This is the second time Whis has had to step in and stop them from destroying the world – imagine what he’ll be like in another 20 years!

The Monaka suit, along with Goten’s idea to put Beerus in it was pretty good. Goku might be legendarily stupid, but the change was well masked by Krillin. Most of the things that Goku assumed about Monaka were not out of reasonable expectation, if he were the strongest in the universe. If Beerus himself popped out of the costume mid-fight, Goku probably would have thought Monaka was really a god of destruction in disguise. Either way, Chichi should really have him going to school and Gohan fighting. It would be for the betterment of the world, I swear.

J-san’s thoughts:

Hey look, Yamucha has a purpose. Oh, and he completely f***** up his only task. That was also a huge throwback to Puar transforming. Way, way back.

Dragon Ball Super - 042 - Puar Beerus.gif

Episode Score
7.1/10 Cloudy
6.5/10 J-san

Extra thoughts:
– Chichi is here for the prizes.
– Is Monaka the only delivery guy in the universe?
Bulma is still in her twenties, somehow.
– If I were Yamucha and Tenshinhan, I would hang around too.

Next time: “Goku’s ki Is Out Of Control? Looking After Pan is A Lot Of Trouble!”



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